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Dan Aykroyd talks GHOSTBUSTERS 3, 4, and possible 5?


Wait a damn minute. For years fans have been clammoring for a third Ghostbusters film and we waited…and waited…and waited. Now it seems that it’s full steam ahead for Ghostbusters 3 but there could be a part 4 and 5 in the franchise as well? Ray Stantz a.k.a Dan Aykroyd sheds some light on this…

Who You Gonna Call? New Writers For Ghostbusters 3


Take it from a writer, there is nothing harder than a bad case of writer’s block.  Wonder if that was the cause for the change in writing staff behind the scenes on Ghostbusters 3?  Read on for the details. Like what you see? Be sure to also visit Pissed Off Geek too for more news…