Countdown to the best Horror character EVER!

Horror fans this is your time to have your say! Through the years we have seen so many iconic characters in horror films from the early days of such characters as Nesferatu and Dracula to the recent days of Ghostface and Jigsaw. I think it is safe to say that the horror genre produces some…

Review: MIRRORS 2 (2010)

Hey guys, it’s James from the UK again with another review, this time my very first review as the official UK source for Truly Disturbing Horror. Check out my review of the bloodthirsty Mirrors 2, I hope you enjoy and leave your comments, thanks!


Sunday is upon us again friends and what better way to celebrate this holiday weekend than with a healthy dose of monsters! Here is our regular guest contributor Chris with this weeks Stomp Sunday. Take it away!

God may love you but SATAN HATES YOU!

I grew up in a very religious household and still hold some affection for the written word. But the statement God loves you but Satan hates you is about as true as they come(if ya believe that sort of thing). Either way we have a new one sheet for James Felix McKenny.