IFC Midnight’s ‘A Dark Song’ Coming April 28th!

IFC Midnight announces the April 28th release of Liam Gavin’s A DARK SONG in select theaters, on VOD, and via digital platforms in the U.S.  It has screened at such prestigious festivals as Sitges, the London Film Festival, Fantastic Fest and the Morbido Film Festival.  Prior to its April 28th release it will screen at…

Horror Movies Coming in 2017

We made it! A new year, a new you, and new horror movies to feast upon. Here’s a quick list of the films to look forward to. This list only contains movies with confirmed release dates. Will be updated periodically when new information is released. 

Best Horror Movies of 2016

It’s time to throw some salt over our shoulder and wish for better luck in 2017 as we kiss 2016’s ass goodbye. It was a year of memes, offensiveness, Twitter banter electives, and an uncommonly large number of celebrity deaths. It was also a year of minimal impact horror flicks. Here’s our picks for the…


Hello dear readers, and welcome back to Pendleton University.  Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Another KILL OF THE WEEK is available.  Pack your bags.  We’re off to Pendleton University.