Malvolia Returns To Carve Victims In Her Thanksgiving Special

Pull up a seat to the table, fiends. Malvolia has returned and this time she’s ready to carve up screams with her Thanksgiving special.

It’s no surprise that I, Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons a.k.a Ahlephia, love independent horror. Some of the most unique, and creative, ideas come from the minds of those wanting to get a foot in the door. Malvolia: The Queen of Screams is no exception.

You may remember a review I did just prior to Halloween when Jennifer Nangle, the creator of Malvolia, produced a Halloween special for her highly successful YouTube series. If you haven’t read it, take a moment to do so by clicking here

Now, Malvolia’s back just in time for Thanksgiving and she’s carving up the screams.

Written and edited by Jennifer Nangle, and directed by Alex Napiwocki and Hunter Johnson, this episode

stars Jennifer Nangle as our hostess, Malvolia, Colton Wheeler as Jack, and sees Garrett Lee returning as our beloved bartender, Victor.

The episode begins like any other. We arrive in Malvolia’s lair, eager to experience the thrills and chills that is sure to befall upon us.

Malvolia has been busy opening fan mail and decides to answer some questions from her future victims. But when one soul asks her what her most memorable Thanksgiving was…. Her story may just surprise you!

Cue the hilarity and hijinks as Malvolia recounts on special Thanksgiving where, instead of her usual victim hunting trip, she had an errand boy deliver her some not-so-easy-to-find groceries. I say hilarity ensures after watching poor Jack being attacked by ghosts in the forest that hides Malvolia’s lair from public viewing. Also I couldn’t help but laugh when he wanted to know how you can tell if the frog legs are extra large as they all looked the same to him.

But the real terror for Jack begins as he rebuffs Malvolia’s charms, insisting on leaving her lair and venturing back into the forest that gave him so much trouble. Malvolia, none to impressed with his insistence, teams up with Victor for a thrilling conclusion.

Want to know how it ends? I have your invitation right here. But be warned, this episode is not for the faint-hearted, weak-stomached, or the inept. And it will leave you wondering “Is that the other white meat?

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