‘Kong On The Planet Of The Apes’ Comic Coming From BOOM! Studios

Ape will probably kill ape come November.

BOOM! Studios has been publishing separate Planet of the Apes and King Kong comics for a few years now, so it’s surprising that this announcement is so surprising. Nonetheless, the publisher will debut a new, non-canon miniseries in November that pits King Kong against Dr. Zaius, General Ursus, and a bevy of red-shirted ape soldiers when the normal-sized apes discover Skull Island via The Forbidden Zone.

The series is scheduled to run six-issues and will be helmed by writer Ryan Ferrier (The Fuse) and artist Carlos Magno (who has absolutely killed it on prior Apes and Kong runs for BOOM!). Mike Huddleston provides the first issue cover, seen above, and presumably the remaining five, along with all the variants that come with these fancy, big-city comic book crossovers.

Thanks to our friends at Comic Book Resources for the heads up!

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