‘Mother Krampus’ Is Coming To Steal Your Soul In November

Or is it Frau Perchta? Watch the trailer and decide for yourself.

It’s almost hard to keep track of all of the influences at play, even just in the trailer below, for the upcoming ‘Mother Krampus’. The movie seems a heady, or maybe just confusing, mix of folklore, pop-cultural zeitgeist, a slow-burn supernatural thriller, and a more conventional slasher.

For starters, the titular monster is neither mother nor Krampus. The actual basis of the character is in the Eastern European myth of Frau Perchta—an evil Christmas witch who, in a nutshell, would reward good children and disembowel bad children. Various depictions show Perchta to be an old lady, a more Krampus-like creature, something that has two faces—one being an old lady, and the other being Krampus-esque—or a shapeshifter with a club foot.

But that’s all so much folklore. ‘Mother Krampus’ has narrowed things down to a seemingly simple, but interesting plot that involves a persecuted witch returning to enact her gory revenge over the course of the twelve days of Christmas. Hence, mind you, the original title for this British production, ’12 Deaths of Christmas’.


James Klass (House on Elm Lake) helmed the whole thing, with a cast that includes Tara MacGowran (Deadly Waters), Faye Goodwin (Lucifer’s Night), and Tony Manders (My Bloody Banjo).

The folklore-based, occult-holiday-slasher is set for release on DVD via ITN Distribution on November 7.

Thanks to our friends at Broke Horror Fan for the heads up! Additional thanks to Boredom Therapy for the Perchta primer.

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