Will We See The Return Of HANNIBAL Sooner Than Later?

It’s been 2yrs since NBC’s HANNIBAL went off the air and fans have been craving more from their favorite cannibal. That MIGHT happen sooner than later. Check out the details below.

The Hannibal fan community has rallied tirelessly to see some form of continuation for the show that was cancelled on August 29th 2015, be it by moving the series to a new channel (there were rumors for a while that Amazon was going to pick it up) or by creating a feature-length film that wrapped up the story of Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and Dr. Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen). Sadly, nothing came about regarding those rumors.

Executive producer/writer/creator Bryan Fuller has confirmed that Martha De Laurentiis has once again opened discussions to find a way to continue the series. He states that they had to wait two years after the final airing of the third season in order to commence these talks.

So far it is just that, “talks.” Nothing more…yet, but we can hope.
Hannibal was one of the smartest TV shows we had seen in a long time and this news, even if it is small in status, gives us a grin.

More as it develops…

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