HORROR VHS Pop-Up Shop SLASHBACK VIDEO Coming To Los Angeles For Limited Time

Do you remember those Friday nights spent in the horror aisle of your favorite video store? Well Slashback Video is set to take you back to a better time, when vhs horror ruled the world. We have all the details below.

Our good friend Ryan Turek (Shock Waves Podcast & Blumhouse Head Of Development) has been working on this project for some time now and we are super excited he shared the news with us. Slashback Video looks to take you back to the 80’s and 90’s with an experience you’ll look fondly on, and hell, night even learn a thing or two at!

Remember the mom and pop video store experience?

Well, it’s pretty much gone.

Today, an entire generation of horror lovers discover their movies digitally by way of iTunes, Amazon, Hulu and other VOD services. While it gives them the luxury of having to never leave their house, it is ultimately a cold, impersonal experience. They gaze at their screen, read a synopsis accompanied by hack key art work and maybe browse at “user reviews” before deciding to press the “purchase/rent now” button.

Gone are the days in which you ventured to a local video store and got a more tactile approach to your movie selection. There was an allure to the VHS boxes and the artwork that graced their covers; the curation of the “Staff Picks” that maybe sat on an endcap; the cardboard standees announcing the latest VHS release; the lighting; the rows of film titles, and, the time it took to sift through them all until you finally had a stack of VHS tapes you hauled to the check-out counter.

When attendees pass through the curtained entrance to Slashback Video, they’ll be transported to an immersive – and hopefully educational – experience that takes them to a mom and pop video store in the ‘80s that houses nothing but vintage horror movie titles.

Slashback Video is a pseudo-art installation, a time capsule, a trip down memory lane and an ode to those artists who contributed to the visually rich VHS covers that screamed for your attention. It’s also part art gallery! We’ve invited an army of contemporary artists to take a crack at their own VHS packaging.

Slashback Video key art by Devon Whitehead!

Opening reception:

Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum
Saturday, September 9th
8pm – Midnight
3204 W Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, California, CA 91505

Facebook: Slashback Video
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/slashbackvideo
Instagram: SlashbackVideo


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