Review: The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2017)

Finally available for audiences nationwide, The Blackcoat’s Daughter can now be properly recognized as an arresting and perturbing piece of horror artistry. 

Two girls, Rose and Kat, are somewhat stranded at their all girl’s boarding school during holiday break. The hours go by quickly as events for the girls turn from calm to unfathomable. All the while, a woman named Joan is trying to find a sense of home again with the help of an older couple.

Before anything else is said, a round of applause goes to Kiernan Shipka for a stunning lead performance. Her role is one for the books, as it was unbelievably creepy, driven, and carefully (but not painfully) dictated.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter gives viewers much to discuss both during and after the final seconds. There are so many events that take place that make you pause and go “Oh wait, what?” or “Oh shit, no way!” It was an enthralling experience, one that commanded your attention with the slightest shift in direction. The sense of foreboding kicked off right from the start and it never once left the screen. It’s a film where you have to watch it in its entirety, think about it, and then watch it again in order to fully come to terms with what had happened and how it made you feel. There were plenty of time frame changes to keep you on your toes too. In this light, it’s a successfully made film, as it damn near guarantees a second or third viewing. It was nothing short of stunning.

The chilling aspects increase in a slight but assaulting incline; think The Exorcist but less swearing and more blood. And if you don’t like The Exorcist, fuck off. I mean, once you witness the conclusion and comprehend its meaning, you’ll be downright unsettled. I don’t care for writing spoiler reviews, as there are plenty of corners in the internet to find those, but it’s admittedly aching to resist the urge to spew delicious chunks of spoilers in order to convince you to watch this. So let me say this; there are images in this film that will stick with you long after the scene cuts and it will provoke uncharted thoughts within the genre. Because of that, The Blackcoat’s Daughter will be undying in the mind’s of those who witness it.

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