Review: The Devil’s Candy (2017)

This metal-centered horror flick has recently been making its festival rounds; and with much praise. The Devil’s Candy unites emotional performances with disturbing themes with the help of blood and up your ass and in your face metal music. Can you dig it?

Motorhead loving painter Jesse Hellman (Hellman? Really? Yes, really) and his down to earth wife and mini-me daughter move into a new home in the hopes of “living the dream.” Their property used to be the home of a troubled man who claimed to have heard and obliged Satan’s commands. The man longer resides there; but the commands remain. Though Jesse hears the commands, his reactions are not quite the same. Lost in his painting, he discovers awful truths and experiences painful realities that he and his family must fight and suffer through.

The above description was difficult to write; from the official synopsis, it makes The Devil’s Candy sound like ghostly ‘Amityville Horror’ or another possession-courtesy-of-Satan schtick film. That’s so not the case. Sean Bryne, who also directed and wrote The Loved Ones, truly understands what rattles the human psyche more than anything; the human monster. It’s the most effective and it will always be the most terrifying monster. That formula did not falter in the slightest with this one. It was an emotionally driven horror film, one with characters you connect with and invest in almost instantly. The casts’ performances were all strong and played well off of each other. You really felt like this was a loving family and their reactions to the action were sometimes difficult to watch because of how sincere they appeared. The music was also great. It’s apparent right in the beginning that this is definitely a movie about people who fuCKING LOVE METAL. And it’s apparent throughout the entire run time, so enjoy finding your favorite band’s poster, t-shirt, or track. However, I feel that the heavier tracks and the eerie, ominous scores were blended appropriately. Sometimes ‘ze metal’ was unexpected but believe me, it worked.

If you’re expecting demons or door slamming ghouls, this isn’t the movie for your couch party. Think less campy and fun than Deathgasm but still quirky enough to stand out from the likes of The Omen and various “cult” flicks. Slayer is present here but it’s totally not raining blood; it didn’t need copious graphic content in order to be unnerving. The Devil’s Candy is an honest, bare to the bone presentation of life’s hardest lesson; evil and the fact that it does exist.

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