Best Horror Movies of 2016

It’s time to throw some salt over our shoulder and wish for better luck in 2017 as we kiss 2016’s ass goodbye. It was a year of memes, offensiveness, Twitter banter electives, and an uncommonly large number of celebrity deaths. It was also a year of minimal impact horror flicks. Here’s our picks for the ones that stood out from the rest of the film fodder, in no particular order. 

1.) Hush: Directed by Mike Flanagan

Many could step up say that Hush was more of a thriller than a horror film and I wouldn’t put up much of a fight. However, it’s easy to call it horror when you experience the heavy, suffocating suspense it builds and the cat and mouse adventure it puts you through. It’s an interesting, fun watch; qualities that our favorite fright flicks generally have.

2.) The Conjuring 2: Directed by James Wan

I had no doubt that this would be making my best list this year, as Wan and his team have always delivered an engaging and creepy atmospheric story that takes itself serious just enough to make it equal parts scary and lighthearted. The Conjuring 2 brought back fan favorite characters and even more well (and creatively crafted) jump scares and nightmares. Insidious-The Conjuring 2 are proof that James Wan has earned his place as a horror master.

3.) 10 Cloverfield Lane: Directed by Dan Trachtenberg

I personally have trouble with the blurred line between sci-fi and horror. If it leans an inch too far over in either direction, I’m stubborn as mule to call the genre for what it truly is. With 10 Cloverfield Lane, the science fiction elements were so subtle and maybe even slightly delayed, so it was easier for me to see the frightening realities and tension between the characters. It was unnerving, thrilling, and unashamedly brutal at times. It’s difficult to not recommend this one to those who want to watch a good story unravel and good people crumble.

4.) The Witch: Directed by Robert Eggers

Upon my first viewing, I hated The Witch. I had felt bamboozled and mislead. I felt cheated. What I thought I saw was a historical drama with very hard to understand dialogue. Much, much later I watched it alone at home, at night, and understood what everyone else saw; a haunting tale of deceit, paranoia, and some of the most terrifying witches to date. It was the first film that had left me thoughtless and speechless. I didn’t know what to think, I didn’t know what to call it, and that frustrated me. For that reason, it’s on here. Other reasons include the chilling score, the great performances by the cast, and the real sense of love and research that went into Puritan and witch folklore. I do recommend watching with subtitles though, as to not miss a single British word. I’m genuinely eager to see his stab at the Nosferatu remake.

5.) The Eyes of My Mother: Directed by Nicolas Pesce

After compiling the list for horror movies you might have missed in 2016, my curiosity got the best of me and I had to see what all the fuss was about. I was expecting something art haus and too intellectual to actually get into. What I got was something straight forward, haunting, and sick. In other words, a good horror flick, one under an hour and a half. Might even have to review this bad boy for y’all.

So what’d I miss? Where did I fuck up? Or was this spot on for you? Which is your favorite. Do tell.


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