Hello dear readers, and welcome back to Pendleton University.  Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Another KILL OF THE WEEK is available.  Pack your bags.  We’re off to Pendleton University.

For those who follow this series, you may remember our last journey to the Pendleton University campus back in October where we looked at the tragic death of Sasha Thomas.  While Sasha’s demise was
traumatic, there’s another death on campus that rocked our world.

db3Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Damon Brooks.

NAME:  Damon Brooks
KNOWN AS:  Damon
BORN: 1979
DIED: 1998



The deceased was found in Stanley Hall, an abandoned dormitory located on the campus of Pendletondb University.  He was suspended in a doorway, blocking an exit.  A large coil of rope was wrapped around his neck.  He had a few broken bones, consistent with falling from a great height however the cause of death was asphyxiation.

According to witness, Natalie Simon, the deceased was actually murdered in a clearway in the woods just off campus.  He had been hanged from a tree before his body crashed down on top of the hood.  Ms Simon had fled the scene, only to return to find the deceased was no longer there.


The whole movie Urban Legend is rather forgettable (in saying that, it’s one of my favorite slashers), but this death certainly has audiences gasping, especially when the killer is revealed at the end.

ul2damonDamon Brooks is a typical “class clown”, a prankster, who makes his intentions for hi-jinks known early on.  He teases Natalie (Alicia Witt) and her friend, Brenda Bates (Rebecca Gayheart), during class, by mixing pop rocks with soda in an experiment conducted by Professor William Wexler (Robert Englund). Thankfully his stomach didn’t burst and he moves on, pranking Natalie and Brenda outside of the deserted Stanley Hall.

After visiting Natalie in an attempt to get her to come to a party at the Omega Sigma Phi Fraternity, Damon takes her out for a drive.  Damon falsely states that he had a girlfriend he cared for very much that died.  Natalie falls for his sympathetic story to begin with, but after he attempts to kiss her, she realizes it’s just a ruse on his behalf.

After rejecting his advances twice, and asking him “One black eye or two, Damon.  You decide”, Damon gets out of the car and walks off into the woods.  He urinates and before he had a chance to return to the car, he’s jumped from behind.

The killer attacks Natalie, before stringing Damon up above the car.  His shoes scrap along the roof, db2making the most unnerving sound.  As Natalie is attacked again, she reverses the car, causing the killer to fall off the hood.  She then attempts to drive forward but is stopped due to the ropes tied around the tree.  During this time, Damon has been hoisted up by his neck into the tree branches above.  As Natalie reverses, his body comes crashing back down, breaking through the windshield of the car.

Damon Brooks was played by Joshua Jackson.  A departure from The Mighty Ducks, Jackson’s role in Urban Legend wasn’t his first film role in the horror genre.  In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo, Jackson appears in Scream 2.  Since Urban Legend, he has been a regular on television in shows like Dawson’s Creek, Fringe, and The Affair.  He has returned to the horror genre over the years with movies like Shutter and Cursed.

Damon Brooks was a typical young man with a great sense of humor.  He was a little misguided in his attempt to seduce a grieving woman, but he wasn’t a bad guy.  At least the killer had a sense of humor.  Damon is definitely known for being, well, “hung”….

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