Wake Up And Smell The Evil With IFC’s Horror Marathon

We love the smell of classic horror movies in the morning and that’s just what IFC will be serving up. Check out the details below.

Get your morning coffee and a bagel, plop down in your favorite chair, and get ready for horror a plenty thanks to the folks at IFC.

From the Press Release:
Throughout the month of October, get into the Halloween spirit by watching IFC’s “Wake Up and Smell the Evil” movie marathons, airing every weekend morning. What better way to kick-off a Saturday than watching classic films such How to Make a Monster, Fiend Without a Face or The Horror of Party Beach. You’ll have no choice but to watch with the lights on!

Check out and share IFC’s “Wake Up and Smell The Evil” Marathon Here!

“Wake Up and Smell the Evil” – Weekend Horror B-Movie Marathons:
Saturday, October 8:
War of the Colossal Beast @ 7:00AM
Voodoo Woman @ 8:30AM
The Brain Eaters @ 10:15AM

Sunday, October 9:
Cat Girl @ 7:45AM
The She Creature @ 9:15AM
Invasion of the Neptune Men @ 11:00AM

Saturday, October 15:
Teenage Caveman @ 8:19AM
Creation of the Humanoids @ 9:49AM
Day the World Ended @ 11:48AM

Sunday, October 16:
Blood of the Vampire @ 7:00AM
Earth vs. the Spider @ 9:00AM
Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster @ 10:45AM

Saturday, October 22:
The She Creature @ 6:30AM
The Horror of Party Beach @ 8:15AM
Friend Without a Face @ 10:00AM

Sunday, October 23:
Teenage Caveman @ 6:00AM
Cat Girl @ 7:30AM
Invasion of the Neptune Man @ 9:00AM
Teenage Caveman @ 10:45AM
War of the Colossal Beast @ 12:15PM

Saturday, October 29:
The Flesh Eaters @ 8:00AM
How to Make a Monster @ 10:00AM
Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster @ 11:45AM
Earth vs. the Spider @1:30PM

Sunday, October 30:
The Brain Eaters @ 6:00AM
Blood of Dracula @ 7:15AM
Undead @ 8:45AM
The Langoliers: Part 1 @ 11:00AM
The Langoliers: Part 2 @ 1:00PM
The Hills Have Eyes 2 @ 3:15PM


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