Exclusive: Bruce Campbell Dishes On ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Season 2 And Beyond!

Ash Vs. Evil Dead has embarked on its second season and if you’re like us, you can’t wait for each  groovy episode Sunday’s on Starz. We had a chance to chat with the man himself, Bruce Campbell, about what we could expect this season and what the future holds for the series. So strap in you primitive screwheads and get ready for some sugar!

We conducted this interview during San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year and we have to say, it was an honor to chop it up with Bruce Campbell. Bruce was warm and very engaging in this interview and we even got him to crack that famous grin of his a few times about where Ash Vs. Evil Dead is heading and where he’d like it to go as a series. As usual, Bruce walks into the interview in one of his trademark suits (all white with a bright pink dress shirt) sits down, takes a sip of coffee and says, “Now lets hope you have some intelligent questions for me, unlike these other so called reporters.”

ash-vs-evil-dead-season-2-cast-530x353Truly Disturbing: In a interview awhile back you said that you would be playing Ash in a “God Damn walker” if the fans wanted you to. Are you happy with the longevity of Ash as a character?

Bruce Campbell: I’m happy to do this. I’m happy to take Ash to the end now. Every actor gets into that denial phase where they say “Well I have done a lot of OTHER projects and blah, blah, blah, look if (the fans) want Ash, I’ll choke them with him. I’ll give them more Ash then they’ve ever wanted in their life.”

TD: In this season of Ash Vs. Evil Dead, we get to meet your father who is played by Lee Majors. Is there a lot of animosity between your two characters?

BC: Oh yeah! In this season I’m known as “Ashy Slashy..” It’s a bad nickname the towns people gave me.”(Apparently this name was given to Ash after what happened in the Evil Dead and Army Of Darkness films) “Ash isn’t wanted back in his home town and it’s just a bad time. My father blames me for a lot of things, I don’t wanna get too much into that…but it isn’t a happy reunion to say the least.”

TD: We also get a re-introduction to your sister, Cheryl, right?

BC: That’s pretty crazy too. This season theirs gonna be a few “holy shit” moments as far as casting goes. I can’t really tell you anything yet but there is one that for sure will make you go “Oh get outta town!” There’s a few “Get outta town” moments this season for sure regarding the casting and role that their playing. It’s going to be surprising. We’re very aware of what the fans want. They demanded certain things from us and who are we to argue? They’re the ones who put Ash back on the map and we’re not going to mistreat them…especially if they give us five seasons. We will take VERY good care of the fans if they get us to five seasons. “

TD: In the first season Ash is very reluctant to jump back into the whole fighting evil role, this season it appears he has to come to terms with him being the chosen one.

BC: Yeah, coming back to his hometown of Elk’s Grove, Michigan, he has to make peace with it. This season it gets personal. The Deadites are like the Mafia, they’ll kill your family if they can’t kill you, so he has to go save his town. That’s the thrust of this season. Our production designer drove all through Michigan, getting info on all these little towns to make Elk’s Grove the way it is. It’s unbelievable, we actually built the town. People can’t make fun of the quality of the show like they did the movies, “Oh it had cheap makeup, cheap special effects”, well screw all ya’ll, we know what we’re doin now.”

ash-vs-evil-dead-season-2-10TD: It was mentioned to us that you obtained the rights to Army Of Darkness for this season and it can be mentioned more directly now.

BC:The whole thing with rights issues is important. The three movies were made by three different companies. The fact we could even get this TV show made and herd all these different cats to make this show possible is amazing. I was shocked when they told me we got everything secured. When they told me they made a deal with the various companies I was like “WE DID?!” 

TD: So Ash went into the middle ages in Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness, will we be seeing that again?

BC: You could see anything! Anything goes. Remember, time travel is possible in his world so…that’s all I’m gonna say.

TD: Has there been talks about a possible season three?

BC: “There better be! We’re already talking about it on our end. We have to look ahead. The writers room goes back at it in the fall. We want season three and four from Starz. I think they can see that the show is catching on. Everyone needs programming. Fans will be happy with getting season three and four, they will, and then they’ll be good. With a season three and four, there will be enough content to hold a large fan base. If we were to squeeze out only one season “awww what’s goin on”, but we give them two or three and they’re like “HOT DAMN, THIS IS GOOD.” The binge factor goes way up. So we will see what they do. Look Starz didn’t know, they didn’t know the fan base would be this huge. They knew the films sure but last year we were going to show just a clip at New York Comic-Con and we lied to them and showed the first full episode, they lit their hair on fire! All the Starz execs were there and saw the fans reaction and then the light bulbs started going off ya know. It was like Rocky Horror almost, people went off. Now Starz is developing shows strictly for the Comic-Con fans. But yeah, back to your question, I want two more seasons, for starters.”

TD: How was it getting Ted Raimi in on this season?

BC: “Oh it’s great! We originally wanted him to be in the first season but we were establishing so many characters we just saved him for this season. Ted plays Ash’s idiot friend, hell, they’re both idiot friends.”

TD: So he’s not a Gilligan to your Skipper then?

BC: “No, I wouldn’t put it in that category really.” (Bruce proceeds to sing the first 3 bars of the Gilligan’s Island theme song for us.)

TD: What’s your main goal for this season?

BC:To really connect with the fans. If we do that, it’s game over, check please! We use that as a prism for how we want these stories to go. Mostly I’ve been encouraging the writing staff to look at the big picture and find out where the series ends. If you don’t know where you’re going then an idea won’t work in the present ya understand? So we have to look forward to see how things will fit now. It’s like history, you have to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going.”

TD: On a personal note, I’d love to see some sort of reference to Brisco County Jr. considering the time travel aspect that could potentially happen. (Campbell played a cowboy named Brisco County Jr. in the 90’s for Warner Bros. and the show had a sci-fi feel to it. Personally, I loved that show.)

BC:Horror fans don’t care about Brisco and Brisco fans don’t care about horror. Those are really different worlds. Brisco was clean cut man, he saved little Billy, never grabbed any asses, never belittled anybody. Him and Ash are completely different. That’s probably why it got cancelled!  Horror fans don’t give a shit about anybody but Ash. I respect that.”

TD: Could we possibly see a return to the big screen for Ash after the series finishes?

BC:Look it’s like this, if the show goes well and everything lines up, who knows? We would have to find a studio that’s interested in the property. The show only worked out because the movies had such a following. Success begets success. The longer we are on the air the bigger the chance we have of the show turning into a movie. Never say never, I’m game either way.”


Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 2 is now on Sunday nights on Starz.

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