Truly Disturbing Headline: Man “Disembowels Girlfriend After She Calls Out Ex’s Name”

There’s getting frisky and then there’s this.  Read on for the details of this truly heinous crime.

US police have released photos of the grisly crime scene where a jealous boyfriend allegedly admitted to ripping out his lover’s intestines after she called out the name of her ex during sex.

Fidel Lopez, 24, initially told police his girlfriend Maria Nameth, from Florida became ill after they had rough sex and that’s when he called 911, CBS Miami reports.

But footage from an hours-long police interrogation, released to CBS after court action by the network, shows the moment Lopez changed his story.

“Fidel, this was not a case of rough sex,” one of the detectives says in the video, released to CBS Miami.

“You have to do the right thing and tell the truth,” he adds.

The cracks begin to appear as Lopez says he loves Ms Nameth.

“She’s a good girl,” he says. “She’s a perfect girl, man. She’s my love.”

“She changed my name,” Lopez says.

“She called me the name of the other guy. And she said it twice and she was wrong and she was confusing me with him. At that point I get mad, I get really mad.”

According to police Lopez then admitted to becoming a “monster” and disemboweling Ms Nameth.

Photos of the crime scene show bloody smeared walls, a smashed sliding glass door and a hole punched in a wall.

Despite admitting to his role in Ms Nameth’s mutilation and killing, Lopez has pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree murder and sexual battery.

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