Exclusive Interview with New Horror Game Show Hosts the Soska Sisters

The Twisted Twins host GSN’s New Horror Themed Series ‘Hellevator’ premiering October 21st at 8PM ET/PT

The Soska Sisters are at it again! A chilling new series is about to take flight on The Game Show Network this Halloween season and we can’t wait! Produced by Matador and Blumhouse Productions in association with Lionsgate Television, this series will keep both viewers and contestants on their toes. Will you be rooting for the 3-person teams to win $50,000 or hosts Jen and Sylvia Soska to push contestants to their breaking point?

This delightfully dark series takes place in an abandoned slaughterhouse where contestants must complete a certain task on each floor of the slaughterhouse and make it back to the Hellevator before it moves on without them. As each horror themed challenge is completed the team wins a certain amount of money, if they can complete all of the challenges before they run out of time then the team will be awarded $50,000….but if they fail to complete any of the tasks then the Soska Sisters get to decide what happens next.


These Twisted Twins have sliced and diced their way to the top of the horror industry. Writing, directing, and producing films like ‘Dead Hooker in a Trunk’, ‘See No Evil 2’, and ‘American Mary’ (to name a few). This dynamic scare pair puts the “right” in fright when it comes to slaughtering traditional female victim roles in horror films.

The Soskas will be calling the shots in GSN’s new show ‘Hellevator’. “Every single episode will be an interactive Blumhouse movie,” Sylvia and Jen shared with us. “We have wanted to team up with Blumhouse for years” Jen stated, “It’s a happy dream to be working with everyone, the cast and crew is amazing” Sylvia added. Both sisters are incredibly excited to host ‘Hellevator’, “We like acting but directing is where we feel most comfortable…we are so excited to be working with Matador and Blumhouse.”

Watching from their control room, Jen and Sylvia will be making each ‘Hellevator’ challenge more difficult and gruesome than the last. With witty humor and catchy-one liners the Soskas really know how to keep it creepy!

Stay tuned for the premiere of ‘Hellevator’ on October 21st at 8PM ET/PT

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  1 comment for “Exclusive Interview with New Horror Game Show Hosts the Soska Sisters

  1. Justin White
    September 24, 2016 at 4:51 PM

    The twisted twins are ridiculously hot. They are missing out on only taking people in California for their show though. My 10 year old daughter and I would be the perfect contestants for the show. Contact me if you want to make history.

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