Top 10 Truly Disturbing Japanese Urban Legends

The land of the rising sun has a long and interesting history. One rife with emperor’s, warlords, progress, and honor. What they also have is some of the most Truly Disturbing urban legends in the world. Let’s take a look at these shall we?

We’ll dive right in with these urban legends from number one to ten.



Her name means “The woman with the split mouth.” The tale goes that if you are in Japan and find yourself walking alone late at night you may run into her. Don’t bother trying to run away from this spooky female she can teleport to where she desires. She is usually seen wearing a surgical mask and trench coat. The woman will ask you “Am I Pretty?” if you dare answer “No” she will chop off your head with a pair of scissors. If you answer “Yes” she then pulls away her surgical mask, revealing her sliced open mouth that goes from ear to ear. She then asks “Am I still pretty?” if you answer “No” she splits tears your body in half. Answer “yes” she proceeds to slit your mouth open so you can be pretty just like her. Either way it’s a lose lose situation. Bummer.



When translated “Hitobashira” means “Human Pillars.” In ancient Japan, people believed that sealing human beings inside of construction pillars or cement would make a structure stronger and more stable.By doing this it was viewed as a sacrifice to the gods and if the gods were pleased the structure would last forever. It is said that buildings with these “human pillars” are haunted by the ones sealed inside.



Do you hear that? “Teke, teke, teke.” That is the sound this creature pictured above makes while moving on its elbows to get you. She was a nice lady once, who fell in the pathway(or jumped depending on who tells the story) of a subway car in a Japanese subway station. Being cut in half by the train, her anger and grudge was so intense that her torso is still looking for vengeance. Don’t let her looks fool you, she can move very fast on her elbows to get her victims and also produces a scythe to cut them in half so you can be just like her. Remind us to get a taxi instead of using the subway when we’re in Japan.


aka manto

This urban legend stinks, literally. “Aka Manto” basically means “red cape/cloak.” It is a spirit that, you guessed it, haunts toilet bowls. It appears when you’re on the toilet and run out of toilet paper.(Don’t ya just hate that?) The spirit will ask you “Do you want red paper or blue?” Red paper, you get sliced in half. Blue paper, you get strangled on the toilet. According to some other versions if you choose the red paper you will get skinned alive and if you choose the blue paper all of the blood in your body will be drained. Sheesh, can’t even enjoy a good bowl movement in Japan.



Like poems? You are not gonna like this one. Tomino’s Hell is a poem that, once read, out loud that is, kills whoever reads it. If you happen to not die after reading it bad stuff still happens to you anyway. It’s not specified as to what exactly will happen but we can gather it isn’t good. “Tomino’s Hell” originally was written by Yomota Inuhiko for a book called “The Heart Is Like A Rolling Stone”, and was included in Saizo Yaso’s 27th collection of poems from 1919. The poem is about someone who dies and falls to hell. Nuff said, we are not reading anything from Japan now.



This is some Bullsh…well, let’s get to the urban legend before you say that. The story goes that one day a teacher took his students on a field trip. On the bus ride to wherever they were going, the teacher decided to tell scary stories to entertain the kids. When the teacher started telling the story entitled “Cow Head” it’s said that the students started to scream and cry begging the teacher to stop. The teacher could not because he was in a trance of some kind and continued telling the tale.When the teacher finally finished and came out of the trance it is said that the bus driver along with the students had fainted and were foaming at the mouth. Some are said to be shivering and shaking so much so that these afflictions caused them to die a few days later. So field trips are out while visiting Japan for us now.



The Okiku Doll is a doll that is wearing a traditional Japanese kimono. It once belonged to a little girl, Okiku. Once the child died from a common cold, her spirit entered her favorite doll. The dolls hair was originally short but over time, the hair began to grow on the doll. It’s said the doll now resides in Mannenji Temple. No one knows how the dolls hair grows but scientific research has proven that the dolls hair is that of a small child. Move over Chucky, Okiku has the looks and a hairdo to match!


girl from the gap

No, we are not referring to a teenager at the mall. The Girl From The Gap is a ghost that inhabits gaps between furniture. (Doors, drawers, furniture of all types) It’s said that you will find her looking at you from these dark gaps in your house and she will ask you to play hide and seek. If you see her again however, the game ends and you get dragged into the gap…or Hell.



Inunaki Village is a mysterious village that is completely isolated from all other villages and even from the country of Japan itself. The truth of this village actually existing is still up for debate even today. There is said to be a panel at the entrance of the village that reads ” The laws and constitution of Japan do not apply here.” The inhabitants of this village are said to be cannibals, commit incest, and murder is very common. Electronic devices are said to be useless here as well. Many have went searching for Inunaki Village but none have said to return. Strike this village off our “must see” list.



The tunnel was built in 1927 and is said to be haunted by all the workers who died while working on its construction. The tunnel is 444m(meters) long and the number 4 in Japanese culture is said to be sort of like our number 13 here in the states. Bad luck. It’s said the workers were basically slaves. It is said that you can see the ghosts throughout the tunnel at night and some have been reported to jump in your car as you go through it. There is also a mirror in the tunnel. If you should happen to look at the mirror and see a ghost you will die a horrible death. Another odd thing about this tunnel is that its length can vary depending on if you measure it during the day or at night.

There ya go fiends. Hope this list gives you something to think about if you’re planning on visiting Japan any time soon.


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