GDC 2015: “WASTELAND 2” Heading To XBox One & Playstation 4 – XBox Trailer


In case all you ghouls missed it, inXile Entertainment announced this week at the 2015 Game Developers Conference that their little Kickstarter that could, “WASTELAND 2” is coming to consoles! After raising almost 3 million on Kickstarter in 2012, the sequel with more than twenty five years in the making finally made it to Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux. The project target date is late summer 2015 for XBox One and Playstation 4 consoles. 80 plus hours of gameplay… Over 300 characters to meet… Personally I cannot wait to play it on console. Get excited!

The updated iteration of the game dubbed, “Game Of The Year Edition” updates and utilizes the ever crowd pleasing Unity 5 game engine, bringing improved environments and character models, our new Quirks and Perks (traits) system for deeper character building, Precision Strikes (aimed shots) so you can dominate your enemies in combat, and more!”

After some initial misperception over the order of release, and if PC will see the remodeling, Brian Fargo (Director Wasteland 2, Executive Producer Fallout) took to social media and had this to say: “I know there was confusion this week due to the order of announcements but Wasteland 2 will come out simultaneously on Xbox One and PS4. And Wasteland 2 slated for late summer, so says @rangerkeenan. Of course, the #Wasteland2 GOTY improvements will be coming to PC as well. Details to come later….”

Also, a 50% off sale (upon the time of writing) is running over on Steam for Wasteland 2 – Classic, Wasteland 2 – Digitial Deluxe Edition, and Wasteland. The original game is only $2.99 USD. This is the game that inspired Fallout! Show some post-apocalyptic love! To the sale, click HERE…

More on this story as it develops. Stay tuned to the disturbed.


Now dig on the XBox One reveal trailer…






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