TV Recap: THE FOLLOWING “Unmasked” (209) [FOX]


TV Recap:  THE FOLLOWING “Unmasked” (209) [FOX]

Written by:  Kevin Williamson


Micah and Joe are watching the news about Lily Gray.  Joe asks for a phone and calls Jana.

Carrie Cooke is talking with Ryan outside in the rain, she is asking about finding Joe.  She asks him to dinner and he refuses.

Max comes into Ryan’s apartment; Mike is in the living room and drops his towel after he hangs up the phone with his mother.  She announces herself as he drops his towel, and they share an awkward moment.

Max brings a list of agents that are possibly the mole in the FBI.  Gina Mendez is one of the files.

Micah is wearing a creepy mask recording a message, a script that Joe has written but he keeps getting it wrong.

Emma and Robert, come in as the first carriers of Micah’s message.  Micah also says that Lance will be joining them; he is currently in the hole.

In Ryan’s apartment, he, Max, and Mike discuss the possibility that Mendez is Joe’s follower.  Max brings up Mendez’s ex-partner, Jana.

Ryan goes to see Mendez and accuses her of being the mole, then walks away and calls Max who already planted a trace on her as they bumped into each other on the street.  Mendez ditches her phone and her car and gets into a taxi.

Robert and Emma prepare to leave, Joe kisses Emma as they say goodbye.  Micah brings Lance to meet them as well.  Freaky Lance asks for the backseat.

Mendez gets out of the taxi at Jana’s house.  Mendez says hello to her kids and then tries to get a minute alone with Jana to talk to her, but Jana has company.

Joe enters Micah’s quarters and finds him on his knees praying about Julia. the following 209 joe and micah

Jana and Gina go to the garage, Gina asks Jana about her psychotic break after the birth of their first child.  After an argument, Jana pulls out a knife and stabs Gina and leaves her in the garage.  Jana goes back into the house as if nothing happened, where her guests and kids are eating.

Ryan and Mike pull up to Jana’s house.

Jana’s friends ask about Gina, she dodges the question and says that they just had a little spat and Gina is in the garage cooling down.  She excuses herself and goes upstairs and opens a safe that is locked by finger prints.

Ryan and Mike ring the bell and one of Jana’s friends answers and tells them that Gina is in the garage.  The friend and Ryan find Gina lying on the ground in the garage.

When Jana comes downstairs she finds Mike standing in the living room and pulls a gun on him, Mike and Ryan both point their weapons at her and ask where is Joe.  Jana goes on a rant about how unimportant finding Joe should be when the world is falling down around them, then she shoots herself.

Julia is brought to Micah by two guards.  Julia and Micah argue about their beliefs; Julia does not think that they should be killing.  Julia pretends to believe in Micah and lulls him into a false sense of security, then picks up a gun and tries to shoot him.  It was a test of her faith and belief, she failed, Joe enters the room and kills Julia.

In Jana’s garage, Gina is on a gurney being prepared to be taken to the hospital.  Mike has gotten information from the computer and has Jana’s cell phone.

the following 209 emma in bookstoreRobert, Lance, and Emma enter a bookstore, where Carrie Cooke is scheduled to do a book signing.

Back at Ryan’s apartment, Max breaks the encryption on Jana’s computer, and finds nothing but Carrie Cooke searches.

Carrie arrives at the bookstore.

Mike calls the police and sends them to the bookstore.

Carrie is signing books, Emma waits in line while Robert and Lance watch from above.  When it is Carrie’s turn, she asks that the book be signed for Joe Carroll.  Lance and Robert put on masks and begin to slice the throats of several people in the bookstore.  Emma puts on a mask and in the chaos, Carrie tries to escape.  But Emma and Robert surround her and give her a message that she must share with the world or they will come after everyone she cares about.

When the police arrive Lance takes off his mask and poses as a victim, pointing the police in the direction of Robert and Emma who slipped out the back door.

Mike, Ryan, and Max get to the bookstore, there are several victims.  Carrie is talking to police but gets up and hugs Ryan when she sees him.  Carrie lies to Ryan, when he asks if Emma said anything to her.

Lance is still among the people in the bookstore, he tries to leave and a uniformed police officer stops him.

Ryan notices Lance’s strange behavior, but before he can make a move Lance grabs the uniformed cop and tries to use her as a shield.  When Lance makes a move, Ryan shoots Lance.

Robert and Emma make it back to Micah and Joe.  They toast to immortality as they watch the news, Carrie is on the news.  She is broadcasting the video, which she was given by Emma.

Ryan, Max, and Mike are watching the news as well.

The video is of Joe Carroll, announcing that he is alive and that there are many more deaths to come.

Micah falls to the ground, having been poisoned by this toast.

Mike gets off the phone and offers to walk Max out, he tells Ryan that he has something to do and leaves.

Joe tells Robert that Micah has gone home, he has received life’s greatest reward; Joe sends Robert to tell everyone the glorious news.

Joe sends Emma to keep close watch on Robert, their plan might just work.

In a parking garage, Mike gets into a car with a few men.

Wrapping up the episode:

Robert is leading a ceremony to hail Joe as the new leader, now that Micah and Julia have passed over to pave the way for them.

Joe’s new followers praise his name.

Carrie shows up at Ryan’s house with two uniformed police officers, she apologizes for not telling him about the video.  Ryan has take-out on the table waiting for her.the following 209 joe and carrie

Mike meets up with another man on the street; he is given a hood to put over his head and is put into another car.

Ryan and Carrie finish their dinner and she starts leaves with her two officers, but Ryan closes the door and kisses her.

the following 209 claireThe car that Mike is in pulls up to a hotel and he removes his hood.  He is greeted by an FBI agent and taken to a room; he enters the room to see Claire Matthews.

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