TV Recap: HANNIBAL “Hassun” (203) [NBC]

TV Recap:  HANNIBAL “Hassun” (203) [NBC]

Written by:  Bryan Fuller


Will is in a strange torture device and the clock is moving backwards.

Will and Hannibal are both meticulously getting ready.

In a court room the events from the previous season are recapped by the Hannibal - Season 2prosecuting attorney in her opening statement.

In the hallway Jack’s pacing is interrupted by Kade Purnell who briefs before he goes into the court room to testify.

Jack Crawford is on the stand, being questioned by the prosecutor.  Jack admits that he ignored many warnings that Will would suffer if he is pushed, he also knew that Will hated the work, but Jack kept him there.

Hannibal - Season 2As Will’s attorney packs up for the day, he is greatful for Jack Crawford’s testimony that paved the way for a defense of not guilty by reason of insanity.  Attorney Brower (Shawn Doyle) mindlessly opens a letter as they continue to talk and an ear falls to the table.

Hannibal and Jack are having a drink together.  Jack admits that he would be content to leave the FBI, his testimony could have cost him his job by admitting that he kept Will in the field knowing is instabilities.  Hannibal urges Jack not to commit professional suicide.

The ear that was in the envelope is in the morgue being analyzed by Jack, Hannibal, and Beverly.

Hannibal visits Will in his jail cell, and tells him that he has an admirer; someone sent the ear to help him.  Will recognizes that accusing Hannibal makes himself look insane.

The prosecution calls Freddie Lounds (Lara Jean Chorostecki) to testify hannibal 203 alana practicing her testomonyagainst Will.

Will is in his small box, with Alana and his defense attorney practicing her testimony.

The blade that cut the ear off, that was sent to Will; was cut off with Will’s knife.  The knife was in the evidence room and checked out by the bailiff of Will’s trial.

Jack Crawford and the FBI find a burned body, missing an ear presented on a stag’s head.

Jack comes to Kade and the judge, telling them that this new murder was done remarkably similarly to one that Will is on trial for, with details that have not been released to the public.

During Dr. Chilton’s testimony, Will flashes to a daydream of fly fishing in the river.  Dr. Chilton claims that Will likes to play God, saving lives for the FBI was just as arousing as ending lives.

hannibal 203 will and hannibal in prisonHannibal visits Will in prison, bringing him pictures and the file from the crime scene.  Will studies the pictures and in his mind he is in the room.  Will says the man was shot once, and then thrown onto the stag’s head and removes the ear after the victim is dead.  The difference between this and the previous murders that Will is on trial for is that the other victims were mutilated while they were still alive.

Alana and Attorney Brower are now visiting Will, talking about changing Will’s defense.  Alana is informed that she will not be needed to take the stand; she asks who will take the stand in her place.

Cut to Hannibal walking into the court room, and taking the stand.  After his questioning the judge rules that his testimony be stricken from the record, as the cause of death in the murders were not the same highlighting the order of mutilation and death.

Wrapping up the episode:

Hannibal sits in his office staring at an empty chair.

Will sits curled up on his bed in his cell.Hannibal - Season 2

A maintenance man struggling with a floor cleaner makes his way into the court room and finds the judge dead hanging from the ceiling.

The judge was also murdered before he was mutilated.

Will is awakened by his cell door opening; he walks into the hallway to see a large stag walking away from him.  Will follows, but is interrupted by Hannibal standing at his cell, and is woken from this dream.

Will and Alana are talking in the prison about Will’s diagnoses.  Alana tells will that she wants to save him.

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