TV Recap: BATES MOTEL “Caleb” (203) [A&E]

BATES MOTEL  “Caleb” (203) [A&E]



Bradley’s clothes and ‘suicide note’ that Dylan had her write are neatly placed by the water.  Emma comes into the Bates’ kitchen to show Norman the newspaper while he is eating breakfast.  Norman tries to fake sadness over Bradley’s supposed suicide.

bates motel 203 emma and norman

Norma is in town checking the cast list for the musical, Christine comes out and tells Norma that she quit as the director of the musical because they would not let her cast Norma as the lead.  Christine offers to buy Norma a drink; they sit together over martini’s and get to know each other.

Norma’s brother shows up at the hotel asking Dylan about Norma.

bates motel 203 calebNorma comes home to find her brother, Caleb (Kenny Johnson) in the kitchen with Dylan, she goes crazy and pushes him and screams for him to get out of her house.  After she closes the door on him, she tells Dylan to never let him in again.

Norman interrupts Norma vacuuming the living room, to ask about musical practice; she tells him that she did not get a part and he was cast in the chorus so they are not doing it at all.  Norma tells Norman her brother was there, but that she kicked him out.

Dylan and Remo show up to the camp by the pot fields to find that the people who had been there were dead.

Norman is back stage at the theatre and runs into the check out girl from the grocery store who had been asking questions about the hair dye that he bought for Bradley but had lied saying that it was for his mother.  She suggests that he work backstage for the musical.

Dylan runs into Caleb on the street.  Dylan asks why Norma is so mad at Caleb, who blows it off as an unimportant family grudge.  We know from season one, when she told Norman, the reason is that he used to force Norma to have sex with him, for several years, until he moved out of the house.  Caleb gives Dylan his phone number so that they can get to know each other.

Norman asks Norma if he can work on the set for the musical.  Emma comes in the room with a flyer organizing a memorial for Bradley.  Norma gets a phone call from Christine, with an invitation to a garden party that afternoon to be introduced to some people, the real White Pine Bay.

Zane pulls up to a lumber yard to talk to Dylan about the dead people found in the fields.  Dylan suggests that they not do anything about the deaths that are suspected to be retaliation for the man that Zane killed in retaliation for the death of the man that Bradley actually killed.

Dylan and Remo dig graves for the two dead men.

When Dylan comes in with dirty clothes, Norma tells him to take them off and leave them for her to clean.  Dylan apologizes to Norma for letting Caleb into the house.  Dylan says that he wants to understand what is going on between her and her brother.  She blows off his questions and tells him to drive Norman to the beach.

Norma dressed in fancy attire, shows up at Christine’s party.  Christine greets her right away to get Norma a drink and introduce her around.  Right away, Norma is left talking to George and a few other ladies when Christine’s husband, Peter, interrupts.  Norma lies about the death of her husband, she tells them that he died in a car accident.  bates motel 203 norma and christine

Norman meets Emma at the beach for Bradley’s memorial.  Emma was upset that her memorial for Bradley has turned into an excuse to pound beers; the truth is that Emma feels bad because Emma is dead and she still does not like her.

Cody Brennan shows up to the memorial, she is the girl from the grocery store and backstage at the musical, (Paloma Kwiatkowski).

Dylan is in a dark bar having a drink with Caleb.  Caleb is telling stories about the past, surprised that Norma had not told him any of the stories.  It turns out that Caleb is in town looking for money to buy property from friends in Costa Rica.

bates motel 203 norma and a manAt the party, Christine sent George, her brother, to the dock to check on Norma who is standing alone.

Emma is hauling her oxygen on the beach, having a difficult time; she comes up to the guy that left the pot cupcake that she ate.  They are flirting and about to leave what has turned into a pretty big party, when Emma gets sick.

Norman is sitting by the fire next to Cody who is straddling a guy making out; the guy reaches over to Norman’s leg and starts rubbing it.  Norman gets up to leave and Cody comes with him.

As she is leaving the party, Norma talks to Nick Ford.  He has heard of her, as the woman who told everyone off at the town hall meeting about the bypass.  Before he leaves, she gets his business card to get in contact with him later about the bypass.

Wrapping up the episode:

Dylan gives Caleb over $11,000 and offers to make it at least 15k by the end of the week for the property in Costa Rica.  Dylan also promises to try to get Norma to at least hear Caleb out.

Norman awkwardly tells Cody that her boyfriend, the guy she was making out with, is gay.  She knows already, says that it was just a party.  She tells Norman not to take things so seriously.

Norma arrives home after the party to find Dylan in the kitchen.  Dylan tells her that Caleb is a nice guy, he is still in town.  Norma admits to Dylan that Caleb raped her repeatedly for years.  Dylan does not believe Norma.

Norman comes into the house as Dylan and Norma are shouting at each other.  Norman attacks Dylan, pushes him to the ground and hits him.  Norma says, “He can’t help it, he’s his dad.”

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