TV Recap: THE FOLLOWING “The Messenger” (208) [FOX]

THE FOLLOWING “The Messenger” (208) [FOX]

Directed by:  Marcos Siega

Written by:  Kevin Williamson



The episode opens with Mike’s dad’s funeral.

At the cult, Mandy talks with a man that is serving food.  Emma is in fact still alive; she and Joe sit at a picnic table among several others, talking about their plans.  Micah comes running up and officially welcomes Joe, Emma, and Mandy to the Corban Family; and takes off their white masks and presents them with red outfits like all the rest.  They all chant, “Corban is family, Corban is love”.

As Ryan and Max leave the funeral a woman stops Ryan at the car, he flashes back to 11 months ago when they are drinking together at a bar.  Carrie, the author of the book about Joe Carroll is fishing for information about Joe being alive.

At the Corban Family, the man that was serving food and flirting with Mandy takes her for a walk.  Joe is taken to see Micah, by Julia.  Joe and Julia still have a lot of tension between them, Julia tells him that Micah might be the leader but she runs things.  When he gets to Micah, Michah tells Joe that he wants to kill people.

At the funeral several FBI agents and other officials are there, including Franklin who wants to talk to Ryan alone.  He gives her information about Lily Gray, and says that he thinks Joe is still alive.

Max asks Mike how he is, she tells him that her father died when she was young and will help in any way she can.

Franklin offers to set up Ryan as a covert operation, and answer only to him, cutting out his entire team since one of them is a rat.  Ryan gets to call all the shots.  As Franklin leaves, Mike comes up and asks Ryan what is going on.  Mike says that he will find Lily with or without Ryan’s help.  But Ryan tells Mike to be with his family.

Max and Ryan are in Ryan’s apartment, discussing their plans to find the following 208 max and ryanJoe.  They find a doctor that lives close to the lighthouse where Joe supposedly died and is linked to Joe.

At the Corban Family, Micah is discussing with Joe that home is the 9th planet behind Neptune; his beliefs are pretty out there.  Micah discusses how he wants to kill people so that he stands out among the hundreds of cults in the country, he wants a book written about him by Joe Carroll.  Joe tells Micah that he has a psychopathic need to kill for the beauty of the thing, but he did not do so well in the medium of literature.

Ryan shows up at the home of Dr. Strauss, who does not want to give any information voluntarily.  Dr. Strauss claims not to have seen Joe since the day after his graduation.  But Ryan had a chance to bug the house.

Ryan calls Max to let her know that he planted the bug, then drives down the street turns on a mobile listening device and walks into the woods.

Carrie shows up at Dr. Stauss’ house.  She accuses Dr. Strauss of visiting the university where Joe taught during a time that he would have been there; Dr. Strauss invites her inside and attacks her.  Ryan hears her screams over his mobile listening device from the bug inside the house and breaks in.  Ryan is attacked by a young man that is in the house, while he is trying to find Dr. Strauss.

Joe and Micah are talking and walking in the woods; Micah uncovers a cage in the ground and asks a group of people being kept in the ground who wants to be blessed, and slices one of their wrists.  As they walk away, Micah explains that they are all killers and Julia does not feel comfortable with them among the others.

Mike shows up at Ryan’s apartment where Max is getting worried because she has lost tracking on his cell phone.

Ryan is locked up in a basement and can see Carrie lying on a table.  He flashes to 11 months ago, when he woke up with a hangover and Carrie is in his apartment; he realizes that she is the reporter writing the book about Joe Carroll and that he talked a lot the night before.

As Ryan wakes up, he realizes that Dr. Stauss taught Joe to kill the way he does.  Dr. Strauss admits to teaching several ‘students’ throughout the years, how to follow their natural instincts and kill.  The young man that attacked Ryan is his latest apprentice, Cole.

Micah and Joe discuss how to start the plans to kill.

In Dr. Stauss’ basement, Strauss and Cole prepare for surgery on a still alive Carrie Cook.  They wake her up and give her gas to keep her calm, but still alert.  Ryan is tied to a chair and unable to do anything but watch.

the following 208 julia and micahMicah is relaxing in his room, when Julia comes in and tells her husband to be careful around Joe; she warns him of bringing attention to themselves to the outside world.

Ryan offers himself instead of Carrie.  Strauss admits that Joe came there after he supposedly died and stayed a month recovering.  Cole asks if he can take lead on the surgery on Carrie, he wants to start with the hands but Strauss suggests the feet and sends Cole to get a sledge hammer to hobble the ankles.

When Cole is in another part of the basement Mike comes up behind him and shoots him.  Ryan gets himself lose from the chair, Mike and Ryan are able to restrain Strauss and help Carrie.

Ryan straps Strauss to the surgical table, with Mike and Max in the room, asks Carrie to leave the room.  They interrogate him for information about Joe.  Strauss also tells them that there is a woman in the FBI that knows Roderick who Joe tried to contact while he was there but was unable to reach her.

At the Corban Family, they are having a party to properly welcome their new arrivals.  Micah is offering some of his followers to receive communion.

At Strauss’ house, Max tells Ryan that Mike insisted that they come because the cell was out and she knew something was wrong.  Carrie asks Ryan what Strauss said, he tells Carrie that if she exposes this she will be compromising a federal investigation.  She says that she will give it up, but only because she thinks there is a bigger story that is all hers.  Before she leaves, Carrie awkwardly hugs Ryan.

Ryan and Mike have a heart to heart about revenge not fixing anything; Ryan does not want Mike to turn out like he is.

At the Corban Family party, the man that was flirting with Mandy and everyone else who took communion begins foaming at the mouth and falling to the ground seizing.  These must be the few among them that Micah thought would not get on board with their next move to murder.

Wrapping up the episode:

Julia was not in on the plan, she objects greatly to the fact that Micah has killed those of the followers that questioned his power.  Micah has his guards take Julia away.

the following 208 mikeRyan and Max set up the couch for Mike to stay at Ryan’s apartment.

Emma enters the room with Joe and tells him that Julia is locked up and Mandy is crying about her crush on one of the men that was killed.   Joe kisses the bandages on Emma’s wrists.

Max and Mike continue to sit together in silence in the living room, Max is comforting Mike in his grief.the following 208 book2

Ryan is in his war room, looking at the book that Carrie wrote.  He flashes to 5 months ago, when Carrie comes to see him in a bar and tells him that her book will release at the anniversary of Joe Carroll’s death.

Emma asks Joe what is next, and he says that it is time to tell the world that Joe Carroll is alive.








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