TV Recap: RESURRECTION “The Returned” (101) [ABC]

RESURRECTION “Pilot” (101) [ABC]

Directed by:  Charles McDougall

Written by:  Jason Mott (based on novel), Aaron Zelman



A boy, Jacob Langston (Landon Gimenez), in a red “Mansfield Panthers” shirt awakes in a mud puddle next to a cow grazing in a field, he is gasping for breath as the sun beats down on him.  He wanders in a trance down a dirt road to a village in China and asks a woman about her husband, “Is he dead?”

In an upscale office, J Martin Bellamy (Omar Epps) plays with a bouncy ball, when he is interrupted to be given instructions to pick up the boy from the airport and take him to adoptive services, as he will be in the custody of the federal government until his identity is determined.

Marty is informed that the boy’s name is Jacob the name is stitched inside his shirt which also indicates that he is from Mansfield, Missouri; as he is escorted through the airport to meet the boy.

Marty and Jacob have a meal together in the airport, Marty resurrection 101 arcadiacontinues to talk to the boy who never answers, but responds by pointing to the phone and takes it to play a game.  When Marty asks how Jacob ended up in China he writes on the screen of the phone “Arcadia”, MO.  Marty calls the sheriff of Arcadia, MO, who is quite rude and abrupt to say that there is no missing boy from there then hangs up the phone.

Marty calls adoptive services on speaker phone, while on hold he asks Jacob if he knows where his parents are and where he is from.  As the representative from adoptive services answers the phone the boy shakes his head.  Marty hangs up the phone and leaves.

A older couple sit in their dining room playing a word game.

Marty pulls into the driveway and tells Jacob to wait in the car.  Marty rings the bell and Henry Langston (Kurtwood Smith) answers the door.  Mr. Langston tells Marty that his son died 32 years ago.  Jacob speaks, he tells a joke that Mr. Langston answers right away with a smile as if no time had gone by since the last time he saw his son.  Jacob runs to him calling him daddy.  As soon as Lucille Langston (Frances Fisher) sees him, she recognizes the boy.

Jacob was 8 when he fell in the river down by the woods, and his aunt came in after him to help him and neither made it, his father tells Marty.

Jacob is playing a video game in the house.  His mother does not know how to react to him being there; she gets down on her knees and looks at him in the face.  Jacob says that she looks different.

The Sheriff, Fred Langston (Matt Craven) walks up, yelling at Marty for bringing the boy there, when Jacob comes out to the porch and calls him Uncle Fred, then falls and goes into a seizure.

Make sure there are no signs of abuse or coercion.  Maggie goes in to check on Jacob.  Jacob tells a story about trying to save someone in the river.  She asks if she came in to save him and he said no.  She asks if someone told him that story.  No, he was there and so was a man.

Cut to a man hitchhiking to Arcadia, because he has a kid there.

Marty is on the phone with his boss who tells him to get a DNA test, the boy is a ward of the federal government and needs to be brought back.

resurrection allThe Sheriff, doctor, and Marty discuss DNA testing.

Pastor Tom Hale (Mark Hildreth) shows up to see Lucille.

Marty requests any records that the sheriff has regarding Jacob.

Tom, Lucille, and Henry discuss the situation.  Lucille refuses to leave the hospital even though it will be over night.

Jacob walks down the hall and sees Tom, and asks his name.  When Tom gives his name, Jacob says no, that my best friend.  Then asks, “Did I die, did we all die?”  Tom just looks in disbelief as Jacob is taken back to his room.

Maggie gets to Ray and Elane’s house.  Maggie tells Elaine about the boy.  It was her mother that died at the same time as Jacob.  She never knew her mother, because she was the baby that Jacob’s aunt was walking with in a carriage, when her mother and Jacob died.  Maggie has always felt guilty about that day.

Marty is walking the halls at the hospital.  He goes into Jacob’s room.  Marty takes out his phone and looks at a picture from the parents before Jacob died, comparing it to the boy in the bed.  Jacob is awake when Marty leaves the room; he pulls a chair to the window.

Marty pulls up at the office of public records, knocking on the door with his badge out.  Maggie comes up and offers to help.  She tells him, that Arcadia is against outsiders, they were a border town during the civil war.  They look through the records. . . She sees the information about her mother.

Marty and Maggie end up together looking through the records and discussing their respective backgrounds.  He looks at pictures of Jacob’s aunt who died that day.  Maggie looks also, she has a lot of bruises and contusions and cuts, looks violent.  One of the marks looks like a hand print.

Lucille goes into Jacob’s room in the hospital, even though she is not supposed to and finds that he had climbed out the window in the bathroom.

Jacob is standing in the street looking at his house, when the hitchhiker walks up slowly whistling.  The police pull up and Jacob takes off running toward the backyard, the river.  Henry has a flashback to running and playing in the back yard before.  Jacob continues into the woods, the police following close behind, but they lose him.

When they finally find him, Jacob is digging by a tree and he uncovers his GI Joe from before.  Back at the house, Jacob calls Lucille Mommy and asks for more grilled cheese.  Henry tries to leave, he is having a hard time accepting what is happening because his son died 32 years ago.  Marty walks up in the middle of a conversation between Mr. and Mrs. Langston.

Marty asks Jacob about the day he fell into the river; Jacob said he went to the rock to look for arrow heads.  He heard something, and it was his cousin Maggie crying in her carriage.  His aunt Barbara was yelling and screaming from in the river.  He tried to help her but he fell also and then tried to get out.  As he was gasping for air trying to save himself, he saw a man try to help his aunt also, but everything happened so fast, he hit his head on a rock.  After that, he remembers waking up in China.  They ask about the man, he said that he is in a picture by the piano.

Marty gets a call with the test results.

Marty finds Henry at the cemetery staring at the mausoleum that is supposed to hold his son.  The DNA results show that somehow Jacob IS HIS son.  Marty does not know what to think about the situation.

Tom is in the church preaching about miracles and faith, when Jacob and Lucille walk into the church; Tom is speechless and stutters over his words. . . he puts down his note cards and starts speaking from his heart.

Sheriff gets home and Henry is on his front porch.  Henry tells Fred, something that he should have told him a long time ago.  About a man that worked at the company.  Jacob said that the man was at the accident, and that the reason that he did not come forward before is because he was sleeping with Barbara.

Wrapping up the episode:

Back at home, Jacob and his mom are playing the piano resurrection 101 jacob with parentstogether while Henry watches.

Maggie knocks on the door at Sheriff’s house, her father.

Sheriff is DRINKING at the cemetery.

Tom, is sitting in his empty church.

The sheriff smashes a bottle against a grave.

Maggie and Elaine are drinking at a bar.  Elaine gets a call from Ray who is talking crazy and has a gun.

Maggie tells Marty, who is at the same bar, about the phone call, and they all rush over to the house.  Ray is shouting about having someone in the shed.

The shed is opened, and it is the hitchhiker.  He walks out slowly and raises his head, when Elaine sees his face, she is shocked.  The man touches Ray’s shoulder and tells him its okay.  Elaine calls him dad.  Marty looks at Maggie and she shakes her head yes, confirming that the man is Elaine’s father.  She touches his cheek unsure of what is going on.  Then they embrace and she cries.










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