TV Recap: THOSE WHO KILL “The Way Home” (102) [A&E]

THOSE WHO KILL “The Way Home” (101) [A&E]

Directed by:  David Petrarca

Written by:  Glen Morgan



Cat sits at the bar of a loud club drinking her problems away.

She stands in the doorway of her apartment, remembering, having a flashback to being captured by the killer in the previous episode.  She throws her mail into the foyer, as it seems that she has been doing for a while, then pulls the door closed.

A girl at a community center is closing up, when she turns the radio off, she still hears the song playing, she walks out to the alley to put the trash in the dumpster and sees a car running, when she investigates the car, she is attacked and killed.

Cat goes to her friend, Mia’s, house, who asked about making it home; her friend goes to bed and she lays on the couch.  Still having flashbacks to her attack, and when she killed the killer at the end of the first episode.

It’s morning now, Cat is getting ready in the bathroom while Mia gets her family ready as well.

Thomas is on his computer when his wife comes in and tells him that she is pregnant.

Cat talks to Mia in the kitchen about being worried about her DA appointment, Thomas’ deposition.

Other detectives are investigating the murder that took place the night before, “I am” is written in blood by the dumpster.

Cat claims that the killer, Eric Crow, suddenly turned onto his back and made an aggressive move toward her and that is when she killed him.  She leaves out the part about being perfectly calm and calculated as she told him to roll over and spread his arms before she slowly shot him.

Jensen gets back to the station and sees the pictures of the mornings crime scene, she tries to help, but is stopped, because she has not been cleared.

Jensen talks to Frank about being worried about Schaeffer’s testimony on Thursday, she cannot talk to him during this time.

When she is alone, she quickly snaps shots of the wall of crime scene pictures.

That night, Thomas is at his house and gets a telephone call from Catherine.  He tells her that they cannot talk, she tells him that the mother of a 1 year old was found in a dumpster.  She walks into his house with the pictures.  He gently walks toward her.  They discuss only the crime.  But before she leaves she tells him that his deposition can send her to prison, he says that they both know that she killed him because she wanted to kill him.  Cat asks if Thomas read the files about her step father, the things that he did.  They have hushed argument about the truth, and she leaves.

At the station the next day, Jensen is trying to squeeze her waythk 102 into the investigation of the murdered woman from the dumpster; but she is still suspended and anything she discovers is inadmissible.

Thomas Schaeffer is in court room.

Cat is breaking into a warehouse and digging through the dumpster to try to find evidence.

The judge is Catherine’s step father.

Mia catches Catherine in the dumpster.  Mia tells her that she can crash on the couch as long as she wants to, but she will also be there to help whatever Cat needs.

The lead detective on the case catches Cat placing an evidence bag on his desk, and objects; but when he sees what it is he is quiet, it is an AA chip.

A dog licks blood off of a woman’s hand.

Thomas Schaeffer looking at the picture of Cat and her brother and step father.  He is then sitting in his car outside of a house.

The woman whose hand the dog is licking is near death on a surgical table.

That night at Mia’s house, Cat is sitting on the couch watching Haleigh play a video game; when she has a flashback to the night that she killed the killer.

Cat and Haleigh go to an arcade and meet a guy, who is there with his kids.  She propositions him asking for his number and tells him he gets one chance when she texts.

Back at Mia’s house she is yelling at Cat for getting the coin out of the dumpster making it inadmissible.

After everyone is in bed, she gets out her phone and sends a text, then starts driving.

The man gets off an elevator in the hallway at Cat’s apartment, Cat is in the hallway behind him watching as he knocks on the door.  He turns to walk away and she opens the door and lets them both in.  She tells him to ignore the mail on the floor and begins kissing him as they start up the stairs still kissing, a bouncy ball falls out of one of their pockets and Cat is in a trance looking at it.  He comes up behind her and continues what they started.

Cat is standing on the balcony smoking a cigarette, and the man asks her name; she refuses to give her name and he leaves.

In the alley there is a shrine to the dead girl, Cat is now sitting in the rain on the curb looking at it.

At the police station, Cat impatiently sits at her desk thk 102 thomaswatching as Schaeffer prepares for his deposition.  He walks into the room of desks, and caches a glimpse of the crime scene.  The other detectives share with him that the victim was pregnant and the blood on the pavement was the same type as hers.  They now think that she wrote it to try to save herself and her baby.

Schaeffer is called into the conference room for his deposition, Cat watches through the window.

When he comes out, Schaeffer tells the lead detective that pregnant woman are more than one, she would have written WE.  Jensen chimes in and says there was another person there.

A couple of guys on the street discover another body under a bridge.

Jensen is in Frank’s office, when the DA calls.  He says that he knows what she did in there and will be passing that along to internal affairs, however they have found no abuse of force; Detective Jensen can be reinstated.  She is assigned the John Doe found under the bridge.  Before leaving his office, she tells him that it was Schaeffer’s idea to look for the coin, and suggests he stay on as a consultant.

Jensen is in the morgue looking through the file on her John Doe.  Talking to Mia who offers for her to come back, but Catherine says that she will go home.

Catherine and Thomas meet by the river, she tells him about her John Doe, same blood type as that on the ground by the dumpster.  She asks why he lied in the deposition.

Wrapping up the episode:

A woman brings flowers to the alley.

Catherine walks into her apartment alone.

The woman sits down and cries in the alley.

Catherine looks at the picture of her own house among those of serial killers.

The woman in the alley starts to take something from her pocket, but is interrupted and runs away when a man walks by.

Catherine is still looking at the picture.






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