TV Recap: BATES MOTEL “Shadow Of A Doubt” (202) [A&E]

BATES MOTEL “Shadow Of A Doubt” (202) [A&E]

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It’s a dreary morning on the Bates’ property, Norman rushes downstairs to his taxidermy lair, where Bradley is sleeping.  He gently wakes her and asks her why she came to him.  She asks for money and a bus ticket.  After Norman pushes her just a little more for an answer, she tells him that she killed the man that killer her father.

Norma is up in stirrups at the ob-gyn, she asks about black outs because her sister is experiencing this.  The doctor offers to refer her to a psychiatrist.

Dylan and Remo drive by Gil’s house to see that the coroner and Sheriff Romero are outside.  Sheriff Romero asks why they are there and informs them that Gil is in the body bag, and questions them about who shot him.

Norma is at the library or a bookstore getting psychology books about black outs.

Remo tells Dylan that taking out a guy like Gil is a declaration of war, he is an important person; someone will be brought in to take care of the problem.

Sheriff Romero pulls into the cemetery and meets Nick Ford (Michael O’Neil) there, who says that he is in mourning of his daughter Blaire Watson, who the police have apparently forgotten.  Nick claims to have nothing to do with Gil’s death.  Sheriff Romero says that he cannot let things get out of hand between the two families.

Norma sits at the kitchen table watching Norman eat.  She randomly asks if he wants to do a musical at the local community theatre.  Norman answers the phone to apparent questions from Bradley’s parents about her whereabouts, he claims not to know anything.  During the exchange Dylan comes in and hears the conversation.

Later in Norman’s room, Dylan comes in asking questions about Bradley.  Dylan tells Norman that if he knows where Bradley is, then he needs to share that information because of who her father was.

Norman is at the grocery store and notices a missing persons sign with Bradley’s picture.  He awkwardly avoids small talk with the store clerk who is moving slow.

Dylan and Remo discuss who will be coming to take care of things regarding Gil.  Zane (Michael Ecklund) shows up to take care of business.

The police catch a break in the Blaire Watson case, they barge into a motel and arrest Kyle.

Norman takes money from a hidden stash that Norma has, while he is doing so Norma comes in calling for him.  When Norman does not answer he goes downstairs to his taxidermy lair and almost finds Bradley’s make shift bed.  Norma wants for them to pick a song to sing together for the musical audition.

Sheriff Romero is interrogating Kyle, telling him that his semen was found in Blaire Watson from less than a couple of days before her death though there was another man’s semen as well.  Kyle brings up Blaire’s daddy issues, saying that she was sleeping with a lot of guys.

Norman helps Bradley dye her hair and gives her a bus ticket for that night.

Dylan and Remo discuss Zane, Remo doesn’t like him; he has a history of being somewhat careless and not easy to work with.  Just then Zane shows up with Johnny B, who works for bates motel 202 dylan and remothe Ford family, tied up in his trunk.  Zane takes the man out of the trunk, shoots him to death, and sends Dylan and Remo to deliver his body to the other family to send a message.

While Norma changes the sheets in Norman’s room she finds Miss Watson’s pearls and the newspaper clipping about her death; she carefully puts them back where she found them under the mattress and contemplates what this means.

Norma and Norman are at the audition for the musical, they introduce themselves to Christine Heldens (Rebecca Krescoff), who seems to be in charge of the audition.  Norman is sitting anxiously watching the time, he gets upset and leaves the theatre before they are even close to getting a chance to audition.  Norma follows him out to the parking lot and Norman loses it on her, about living together, eating together, working together, and sleeping 6 inches away from each other.  Norma claims to want to protect him, she asks about the pearls.  Norman said that he found them in his pocket the next morning and Norma begins to cry hysterically saying that she is scared.  Norman tries to comfort her in his own way.

Norman sends Norma back into the theatre and calls Dylan.  Norman sends Dylan to the basement to get Bradley and take her to the bus station, so that she can go to Boston.  Dylan says that he will take care of Bradley and make sure that she gets on the bus.  Norman is upset that he cannot do this for her himself.

Dylan goes to the basement and tells Bradley it’s time to go, she silently follows up upstairs.

Norman gets into the theatre just in time to hear Norma Bates’ name called.  Norma reluctantly, now, goes on the stage, she nervously begins to sing without musical accompaniment as she did not bring sheet music.  She starts quiet and outwardly nervous, gripping the straps of her handbag; but just a few lines into the song she is belting out the lyrics and nailing it.

Sheriff Romero is drinking in his dark office alone, he takes a walk down to the cell where Kyle is being kept.  Sheriff Romero tells Kyle that he is going to charge him with the murder of Blaire Watson.

At the bus station, Dylan and Bradley sit at a diner.  Dylan tells Bradley that it killed Norman not to be able to do this himself.  Dylan tells Bradley to write a suicide note confessing to her crime, he says that he will put them on some rocks by the water with a few of her clothes.

When Norma and Norman arrive back at home, Emma runs out to greet them and tell them that someone was arrested for the murder of Miss Watson.  Norma acts a little too happy to hear that news she hugs them both, then starts to drag Norman up the stairs to their house.

Wrapping up the episode:

Bradley gets on the bus.

Dylan sits in the diner and watches her go.

Norman sits on his front porch waiting for Dylan to get home.

bates motel 202 normanDylan comes home and lets Norman know that Bradley is safely on the bus, and hangs Norman a letter.

“Norman, you are the best person I have ever known.  Bradley”

A silver car pulls into a gas station, a man claiming to be Norma’s brother asks where the BATES MOTEL is.





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