TV Recap: HANNIBAL “Sakizuke” (202) [NBC]

HANNIBAL “Sakizuke” (202) [NBC]

Directed by:  Tim Hunter

Written by:  Bryan Fuller (developer)



The episode opens the same way as the last ended, with the man that was attacked still alive, in a silo full of other dead bodies ripping his own skin off as he tears it away from the other bodies.  He gets out of the silo and begins to run through a field when a truck pulls up.  The man hides in and around other vehicles and is almost found by the man that pulled up in the truck with a gun and flashlight before he goes into a field of corn.  The man is chased to the edge of a cliff where he jumps to his death into a river.

At the mental hospital/prison Will is sitting in a small cage speaking with hannibal 202 cageHannibal and Alana.  They are trying to get to the truth in order to help Will get through this; he feels deep betrayal from Hannibal; despite which, he asks for Hannibal’s help.  A buzzer sounds and Will is taken back to his cell alone.

Dr. Du Maurier comes to see Hannibal, and tells him that she has reached the end of her efficacy and will be ending their patient/psychiatrist relationship.  She has obviously rehearsed her speech and tries to stay calm and stick with what she is saying.  Hannibal walks toward her slowly and intimidating, standing over her.  Before she leaves, Hannibal tells her that he is resuming therapy with Will.

Roland, the man from the beginning of the episode is dead in the morgue.  Hannibal is there, along with Jack and Beverly.  Hannibal notices that his skin is covered in a material used for art.  Beverly brings up the color pallet theory that Will shared with her as if it were her own observation.

Next scene, Beverly is in Jack’s office asking why she went to see Will.  She said that if she had asked he would have said no.  Jack says that Will is either delusional or a psychopath, either of which he is to blame for either making him delusional or he completely missed that he was a psychopath and now he is under investigation and needs to keep a distance from Will.  Jack sits down after their conversation, and tells Beverly that they did not have this conversation and she should go about doing her job the way she sees fit; giving her permission to continue to see will.

As Hannibal studies the latest body that was found, he pictures himself in the middle of a field of corn with the body.

Will is back in his small cage and Hannibal is there with him for a session.  Hannibal speaks of their friendship, but Will points out the imbalance of the patient/doctor relationship.  Hannibal asks about Beverly’s visit.  Will shares his theory about the color pallet and the human mural.

In the next scene, Beverly is there to visit Will.  He tells her that Dr. Lector has told him not to dwell on anything morbid, but she points out that he wants to solve these murders as much as she does.  Will asks for Beverly to ignore all the evidence against him, start over from scratch as if she does not know anything from the past and if he is guilty she will find more evidence of it and if he is not she will find that evidence as well.  When Will asks to view her file alone, she refuses to leave.

Will begins to look through the pictures of the latest victim, he is taken the morgue in his mind; he is viewing the victim in person.  He notices that the skin is not as discolored, and wonders why the killer would throw him away.  Beverly shares that the man had a history of drug abuse, Will said that this man did not die of the overdose as the killer expects his victims to; this man tore himself free and ended up in the water of his own doing.

Hannibal is dressed in a strange plastic suit over his clothes and is at the farm, walking among the silos.  He amazingly finds the correct one and climbs up to peer down inside and see the bodies positioned in a circle.  The killer walks into the silo while Hannibal is looking in from above.  Hannibal says, “Hello, I love your work.”

Now the FBI is at the Silo, Beverly tells Hannibal that Will thinks that the man got away not that he was discarded.  Jack walks toward Hannibal and tells him that he needs to prepare himself for what he is about to see as if Hannibal had not already seen the silo.  Jack and Hannibal hypothesize about the why?

Jack is having his psychological review, talking about Will and his guilt.  Jack is guilty about having pushed Will, having used him as a means to an end.

In the morgue, they have 47 bodies, many but one is unidentified and missing a leg.  Cut to Hannibal at his home, as if unwrapping a delicacy, he unwraps a leg and prepares it meticulously as he does all of his dishes following his recipe.  He sits down to a beautiful meal alone.

Dr. Du Maurier sits down with Jack; she states that this is the last that she will be able to share about Dr. Lector.  She tells Jack that she will be unable to continue to treat Hannibal.

Will is in his cage, talking to Beverly and Hannibal about the case.  Beverly hands Will a picture of the silo with all the bodies inside.  As he holds the hannibal 202 silopicture, Will is taken to the silo itself; he is standing inside feeling what the killer felt and speaking as the killer.  One of these things is not like the others, Will is drawn to the body in the center of the picture, he says that the one in the center is not his body, not the design of the killer, the artist of the rest of the masterpiece.  Cut to Hannibal standing over the man in the center.  Hannibal states that the killer is in the photo, his leg taken as a trophy.

Flash back to Hannibal killing the killer and placing him in the silo, having a conversation with him about his art and God.

Will is in his cage, visited by Kade Prurnell (Cynthia Nixon), the point of the trial is not necessarily if he did it but rather if he was conscious while it was done.  She offers a plea to save him from the death penalty, but Will refuses.

Will pictures himself fly fishing in the river, seeing bodies floating by him hannibal 202 gillianunder the water.  Back in his cell Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier introduces herself to Will, stating that she feels like she knows him and wants to meet him before she withdraws herself from the situation.  She tells him that he can survive, even if he feels that he cannot.  She steps over the line close to the bars and whispers to Will that she believes him but is then dragged away by the guards for having stepped over the line.

Hannibal is dressed in his plastic outfit again as he walks into a dark house, the home of Dr. Du Maurier, he is standing in the room where they had their therapy sessions.  The furniture is covered in sheets.  Her voice is heard in his mind, “The conclusion that I find is that you are dangerous.”







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