TV Recap: THOSE WHO KILL “Pilot” (101) [A&E]

THOSE WHO KILL “Pilot” (101) [A&E]

Directed by:  Joe Carnahan

Written by:  Glen Morgan (developed by),



Catherine Jensen (Chloe Sevigny) sits in her car outside a 2 story house, watching in the window until the people inside turn out the lights for the night and go to bed.  She picks the lock on the front door and eerily makes her way through the house taking a family portrait off the wall in the stairway.

At a construction site, a body is discovered by the workers.  The lead detective on the case questions Detective Jensen’s tactics, the body is old and he is not so worried about the case; but Jensen takes her time and seems pensive and emotional about the dead body.

In the morgue, Mia Vogel (Kerry O’Malley), a friend of Catherine’s, is doing the autopsy on the body, she has yet to find the cause of death; but has identified the body as a young woman who’s friends thought that she left the country and never reported her missing.

At Catherine’s home, she looks through papers.

A lecture hall, Thomas Schaeffer (James D’Arcy) is giving a lecture on serial killers; Catherine stops him in the hall after the lecture and shows him a picture from her crime scene.

Catherine comforts Mia’s daughter after a nightmare, she is babysitting as they discussed earlier in the morgue.

Thomas is home with his son, and finds Catherine’s crime scene photos that she snuck into his things.  He calls Catherine to discuss the crime, he believes that there are more victims that have yet to be found.

During their conversation and after we cut to a young woman alone in a parking garage, who is attacked by a white male posing as a security officer.

Catherine goes back to the factory where the body was found, she is startled by Thomas, who is also there trying to find the rest of the victims.  By the light of Catherine’s flare and Thomas’ flashlight they find a pipe that is held closed by only two bolts, they open it up and find several more bodies with their arms crossed over their chests.

By the light of the morning the Lt. Frank Bisgaard (James Morrison), and the rest of homicide are on the scene and Det. Jensen is made lead.

Catherine and Thomas look through the pictures of each victim along with missing women in the area in an attempt to make connections, there are call girls with STDs and signs of drug use and wives with rings and jewelry.  Thomas’ wife comes in and Catherine leaves.  The wife makes a joke about having other women in the house, when Thomas tells her that she is a detective that needs help with a case, she prefers that it was an affair.

The killer has his victim tied to a chair, and pushes her into a hole.

At the police station, Catherine is talking to Bisgaard about bringing Schaeffer in as a consultant, but he has a problem with that because Schaeffer goes too deep.  Just then Schaeffer walks in under the assumption that Det. Jensen already cleared his involvement.

The killer has his victim in a coffin now, with windows that he can open to see her face.

Det. Jensen and Schaeffer go to the home of one of the victim’s with her father.  While Jensen talks to the father while Schaeffer begins to look through her possessions.  He finds that the woman was in transition, making her life better, makes assumptions that the killer posed as someone who should be trusted and gets off on the moment that the victim realizes that he is not.

The killer opens the window in the coffin to dump a can of cat food on her face.

Jensen and Schaeffer find the victims vehicle at a dump.

The killer removes most of his clothes, opens a whole in the coffin over her genitals, spits on his fingers for lubrication and reaches in; just then a window is broken by Jensen and Schaeffer and the killer runs away.

Schaeffer and Jensen get the girl out of the coffin and console her hysteria.  Jensen stays to look at the torture device while Schaeffer walks the girl outside and they call for back up.  But while Jensen is alone looking at the coffin, the killer sneaks up behind and grabs her by the back of her head and slams her into the coffin and locks it.

Then he quickly gets to Schaeffer and the girl and attacks them.  Schaeffer is hurt on the ground in a hallway and the girl gets outside collapsing when she sees the police responding to back up.thk 101 savor the moment

Schaeffer gets to the coffin with Jensen inside and instead of getting her out right away he stops to savor the moment and experience what the killer does when he is playing with his victims.  The uniform officers bust in and Schaeffer quickly opens the coffin.

At the hospital the Bisgaard is appreciative of their work.  But when he walks away, Jensen pulls her weapon on Schaeffer and whispers a warning at him then walks away.

thk 101The killer is dressed in his security guard uniform looking at the schedule at his office, and offers to cover a shift at the hospital.

Jensen is at the hospital with the unconscious victim, another detective comes to tell her that Marleen’s friend is outside to talk to her.

Jensen gets there and Schaeffer is already talking to the friend.  As Jensen observes the conversation the killer shows up for his shift on security detail in the room of the victim, a nurse takes him there and leaves.

He injects a drug into her arm the causes a seizure, as the killer walks away Jensen stops him and pushes him against the wall but her superior tells her to back off and walks away.

Jensen and Schaeffer sit in the hallway and Bisgaard comes up to give them the news that the girl did not make it.

Jensen is in her apartment having a glass of wine to unwind when there is a knock on the door.  It is Schaeffer, he tells her what he learned by leaving her in the coffin for those few extra minutes and starts a threat about pulling a gun on him, but she interrupts to offer him a beer.  He comes in and starts looking around her apartment, a picture of her brother and a diploma, then he finds pictures of the homes of serial killers; and one he does not recognize.

Schaeffer asks if Jensen learned anything from being inside the box.  Schaeffer says that he gets off on any display of emotion, that what might have been the key to their survival would have been to be completely stone faced.  They make arrangements for him to pick her up in the morning and go back to the plant, before he leaves, Jensen shares that she has been locked in a box before, but leaves it at that.

Almost as soon as Thomas walks out the door Catherine starts to run after him, but as she opens the door of her apartment the killer barges in pushing her against the wall and to the ground injecting a drug into her neck.  “Officer down,” he mutters softly as the needle is inserted.

Schaeffer arrives and Jensen’s apartment the next morning to find her missing.  He makes a call to the station and says that she is gone and he knows who it is.  While Schaeffer is on the phone with Bisgaard, telling him who it is and why, we cut to Catherine and the killer.  Catherine is taking Thomas’ advice and staying completely quiet not showing any emotion at all.  Until he forces her to climb inside a coffin, he sits outside telling her that she will run out of air and when she does she will get sleepy and if she goes to sleep she will die.  He offers her air if she will cross her arms.

Schaeffer and another officer show up and rescue Catherine.  She tells the thk 101 killing bad guykiller to cross his arms, while she has a gun pointed on him.  He pulls a knife and cuts the other officer.  Catherine tells Schaeffer to get an ambulance and get him to safety and leave her with the killer.  She very slowly tells him to roll over and cross his arms, the she shoots him several times and takes his badge as a trophy.

At the station Jensen is met with a hug from Mia.  It is explained by Bisgaard that an investigation will be opened and she has a right to a union rep and a lawyer because she discharged her weapon and a suspect was killed in custody.

At his home, Schaeffer is opening a package. Inside he finds the picture of Cahterine and her brother, it is folded and in between them a man, maybe their father.  At the bottom of the picture there is a written note that says, “That was my house” and above the father, “This is why I found you”.









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