Paladin / Cinedigm To Release Victor Salva Picture DARK HOUSE Theatrically / Blu-ray Next Week

Save the date, because the road-trip slash not so empty house film DARK HOUSE is coming to an outlet near you. Say what you want about the sequels, but the first iteration of JEEPERS CREEPERS, was pure rock n roll. To add, his 1989 film CLOWNHOUSE is also worth a peek. Now, director Victor Salva is back with more horror to keep the hairs on the back of your neck at attention. DARK HOUSE stars Tobin Bell of the Saw franchise, Luke Kleintank, Alex McKenna, Zack Ward, and Lesleu-Anne Down. The film will open on March 14th in New York and Los Angels, with more markets to be announced. It will also make its way to home video on March 11th, with releases on Blu-ray, DVD, and certain Cable VODs. Stay tuned for more information concerning the international distribution deals and another film, a sophomore horror effort by Charles Agron Productions, MONDAY AT 11:01 AM.


Now dig on the Official Trailer for DARK HOUSE


From The Release:

“Dark House” is a thrilling and horrifying road trip, full of twists and brutal surprises; a suspenseful thriller about a young man and a chilling old house that has survived decades, awaiting the return of its prodigal son… a house that can escalate Nick’s gift to see death before it happens, but holds within its walls the origins of a dark family legacy so horrible it may have already reached out to Nick’s unborn child.

“Dark House” is directed by Victor Salva, a genre favorite whose two “Jeepers Creepers” films broke box-office records and are seminal in the horror canon.  Salva co-wrote the script with producer Charles Agron, based on a story by Agron.

Headlining the cast is Tobin Bell. His portrayal of Jigsaw in the “Saw” franchise was called “brilliant and formidable” by the BBC, and made him one of “the most acclaimed names in the world of horror” according to Bloody Disgusting.  Up-and-coming young actor Luke Kleintank  (“Pretty Little Liars,” ”1000 to 1”) stars, along with Alex McKenna (“Crossing Jordan”, “Dallas”),  Zack Ward (“Postal”) and multiple award-winner, Lesley-Anne Down (“Upstairs/Downstairs”).

Says Charles Agron, President  of Charles Agron Productions, “It is so gratifying to see this film–which I first sat down to write four  years ago–wind up with an iconic director and star, an ensemble of very exciting young actors, and a pair of distributors with deep experience in horror to bring ‘Dark House’ to audiences.” In addition to producing the film, and co-writing with Victor Salva, Agron plays a lead role in the film.

The “Dark House” distribution agreements were negotiated by Charles Agron, Paradigm and attorney Leigh Leshner on behalf of Charles Agron Productions; Mark Urman for Paladin;  and Director of Acquisitions Kristin Harris for Cinedigm.


The Officials:











SOURCE: Press Release

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