TV Recap: THE FOLLOWING “Sacrifice” (207) [FOX]


THE FOLLOWING “Sacrifice” (207) [FOX]

Written by:  Scott Reynolds, Kevin Williamson (created by)


Joe, Emma, and Mandy pull up to a gate in the middle of the woods, there is a security camera that Joe looks at to alert his friend Robert and Robert’s friends that they are there.  Robert is one of Roderick’s recruits.  When Robert and several other people including a woman who seems to be in charge show up at the gate, the woman, Julia (Jacinda Barrett), forces Joe, Emma, and Mandy to their knees and tells Joe that now he is the follower.  The others place bags over the heads of Joe, Emma, and Mandy, and force them into the vehicles.

Ryan shows up at the FBI to meet with Mendez.  Mendez tells Ryan that she believes that Joe is still alive and asks him about his concern that Joe has someone on the inside at the FBI.  For that reason, Ryan refuses to say anything more and walks out.

Ryan meets up with Mike in the hall and asks for his help, but Mike says that he is going home.

Back at the new cult, Joe, Emma, and Mandy are told to take off all their clothes and possessions, shower or cleanse themselves of the outside, and put on new clothes.

Mike explains to Ryan that he is going home because he lost control on Luke and almost killed him and he has been having problems with normal situations with family and friends; he needs to get away from the FBI and this case.

In Ryan’s apartment, Max is telling her uncle that she had been suspended.  Ryan refuses to stop obsessing over Joe Carroll despite Max’s pleas to just go back to teaching.  But Ryan needs to be the one to kill Joe.  He quit drinking to get clear minded enough to hunt him and started teaching to anger Joe.  The entire life that he is leading at this point is for Joe.

Joe, Emma, and Mandy, dressed in white with masks are told that they must continue wearing the masks until they earn identities; they are being taken to see the leader.

In a parking garage, there is a man abusing a young boy, Max interferes and is drugged and duct taped up in the back of a truck by the man while the boy video tapes it all.

Ryan receives a video message from Lily Gray, of Max’s abduction, saying that it is all about revenge for taking Luke.

At the home of the new cult, Joe is taken to the leader, Micah.  Micah confesses to Joe that he is impressed with what Joe did with his cult last year.  Joe states that he is interested in more than just refuge; he offers his humble servitude in return.

Ryan goes to the FBI for help to find Max.  Ryan requests that he be able to talk to Luke.the following 207 max

Max is tied to the ceiling of a room, full of hunting equipment and memorabilia with the man that kidnapped her.  He notices her tattoo and shows her his trophies, of other tattoos that are preserved like plaques.

Ryan is allowed to interrogate Luke, but first an agent handcuffs him to the wall out of reach of the hospital bed because they do not trust his tactics.  Ryan shows Luke the picture of the man that abducted Max, Luke says that the man in the picture is not someone that anyone would want to come across.  Luke explains that Lily has been searching for the right person for a long time; some of them are not savory people.  The man in the picture is Kurt something or the Huntsman, a known serial killer of women.  His modus operandi is to let them go in the woods and hunt them like prey.

Julia begins to set up a lie detector test with Joe.

The FBI show up at the home that belongs to the Huntsman, only to find his wife and son, the boy that videotaped Max and his father in the parking garage.  The wife says that Kurt is just traveling for work; she is obviously upset and doesn’t know anything.  Ryan notices that whoever recorded the tape of Max is short, so they begin to question the boy and show him the recording.  The boy asks if Max is a whore, because his dad takes whores and gives them what they deserve.  It does not take long to get the location of Kurt’s cabin, and leave the boy zip-tied on the floor of his room.

Julia is still questioning Joe, about killing and about his motives for coming to the cult.  Joe claims to want a new life with them.  Julia reports to Micah that Joe is all truth.

The Huntsman tells Max that he is going to skip the hunt because he is doing a favor for a friend.  Max offers him a more exhilarating hunt that he has ever experienced, when he does not take the bait she attacks him, gets free and runs into the woods.

Ryan and the FBI arrive at the cabin to find it empty.

Micah’s cult members begin a ceremony to celebrate their new recruits: Joe, Emma, and Mandy.

the following 207 max and mikeThe FBI and K-9 units are combing the woods for Max and the Huntsman.  Mike finds Max, but the Huntsman has both of them in his sites; Ryan shoots the Huntsman before he can get a shot off at Max and Mike.

Micah asks his cult members who is ready to make the sacrifice, Julia has a divining rod that slowly scans the group and chooses Emma.  When Joe tries to object, Micah tells Joe they must trust each other and Joe is restrained by other members.  Emma is taken on to a stage and tied to a sort of torture devise.  Micah slits the following 207 cultEmma’s wrists; her blood begins to fill a large bowl that is offered as communion.  Joe watches as the life leaves Emma’s eyes that are locked on him as well.

Wrapping up the episode:

Back in their rooms Mandy is nearly in a fetal position on the bed rocking while Joe paces about the room; Julia enters the room, at Joe’s request.  Julia admits not to trust Joe; he is only there because her husband wants him there.

At the FBI headquarters, they receive a video message of Lily slitting the throat of Mike’s father; she claims to have many more surprises on the way for Ryan.

Ryan follows Mike who leaves the building hysterical; Ryan comforts Mike on a bench.

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