TV Recap: BATES MOTEL “Gone But Not Forgotten” (201) [A&E]

BATES MOTEL “Gone But Not Forgotten”



Norma gets a phone call from the school’s phone tree informing her that Miss Watson was killed and there will be no school Monday so that members of the community can attend her memorial service.  When she gets off the phone she asks bates 201 funeralNorman about his contact with Miss Watson after the dance, he says that he cannot remember anything after her offering him a ride then running home.

They attend the memorial in the rain along with most members of the community.

Back at home, Norman is so upset about Miss Watson’s death, she was such a good person and he cannot figure out who would do this to her.  Norma tries to comfort Norman, telling him that it is not his responsibility to figure out who did this to her.  Norman is holding pearls in his hand while he looks out the window.

It is dark and Bradley is driving her car in the rain up to a bridge, she gets out and jumps off the bridge without hesitation while the radio continues to play in her car.


It is a beautiful summer day, flowers blooming and butterflies flying about, Norma walks out of her house and down the steps to the motel full motel in a floral dress.  Emma is working in the office and Norman is not there.  Norma walks out to find him.

bates 201 taxidermyCut to stuffed animals, and not the cute cuddly kind, it seems that Norman has continued his interest in taxidermy.  Norma tells Norman that he needs to come help with customers in the sold out motel, then she promises that they can go out driving to bribe him to leave the basement full of dead things.

When Norman gets to the office, Emma gives him a stack of letters that he had sent to Bradley after her accident.  In frustration Emma says that it was not an accident she jumped off a bridge, and she will be getting out of the mental hospital today.

Dark impersonal halls of a mental hospital, Bradley is being escorted to a room where her dress is laid out.  Then she is in an empty room waiting to be greeted by her mother.

Back in her home, Norma is in the kitchen and Dylan walks in.  He gives her some money and says that he wants to pay her rent since he has not moved out yet.  Norma refuses the money because she knows where it comes from.

Norman is out driving with his mom, Norma is telling him every little thing to do and Norman is frustrated with her.  He pulls into the cemetery to say goodbye to Miss Watson.  Norma asks when he is going to stop moping around about Miss Watson, she criticizes his obsession with death of Miss Watson and the animals he spends his day with.  Norman asks Norma to drive home, he begins to criticize her driving the same way she was his.  She pulls over because she sees workman on the road, they are starting work Monday on the new bypass road.

Norma is on the computer putting her name on the agenda to speak at a town meeting regarding the bypass.

Bradley comes to see Gil in the night to ask who killed her dad.  He says that he does not have anything to tell her that she would want to hear, then creepily offers to tell her more if she comes inside.

Back at her house, Bradley is looking at her father’s processions as if they are going to tell her something more than she already knows, when she comes across a loaded gun.  Norman shows up to see her, just in time to interrupt her from sticking the gun in her mouth.  He tells her that he wrote to her every day, she already knew – even though he got all the letters returned to him.  Norman tells Bradley that he will always be bates 201 as a friendthere for her as a friend, she does not ever need to feel like she needs to kill herself.

The morning sun shines in on Norman in bed with Miss Watson’s pearls and the newspaper clipping about her death.  When he shows up at the cemetery with a bouquet of flowers, there is a mysterious man standing at her grave.  Norman begins to take pictures of him with his phone, but the man sees him and he runs away.

Gil is talking to Dylan about Bradley coming around asking questions about her dad, he asks Dylan to take care of it.  Turns out Bradley’s dad, Jerry, was sleeping with Gil’s girlfriend, Miss Watson.

Norman takes the pictures that he took to Sherif Romero, and tells him about the telephone call that he overheard Miss Watson having at the dance.  Sherif Romero asks Norman if he goes to the grave a lot and if he ever went to her house.  Norman thinks quickly, he cannot remember when he was at the house, but it was about the short story that she was helping him with.

Norma is at the town hall meeting, she did not get the chance to talk even though she signed up on the agenda.  When she is shot down and the meeting is adjourned, she goes a little crazy, talking about the drug money that the town lives on.

Dylan and Bradley meet at a picnic site way out in the woods, he warns her to stay away from Gil.  Dylan tells Bradley that Blaire Watson was the “B” in the letters that she found and that she was also Gil’s girlfriend.

Sherif Romero stops Norma as she walks down the street after the city council meeting, he tells her that Norman came to see him with pictures of a man at the grave.   He tells her that it is not normal for him to be hanging out at the grave this long after her death.

Norma bursts into the house and turns the television off to yell at Norman about going to the grave and going to Sherif Romero.  Norman admits to Norma that he went to Miss Watson’s house that night, she made him tea and talked to her.  Norman said that he felt weird and wrong but not wrong, he could see her undressing.  Then he really does not remember what happened after that.  Norma says, she tried to seduce him but he knew inside that it was wrong so he ran away, because he is a good boy.

Even after Dylan’s warnings, Bradley shows up at Gil’s house and asks to come in.  He offers her a drink and asks if she has thought about their little talk, she said that she needs to know more about her dad then kisses Gil.  She begins to seduce him for information about her father, then she SHOOTS HIM IN THE HEAD.






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