TV Recap: THE WALKING DEAD “Inmates” (410) [AMC]


S4E10 - Tyresse, Carol, and Girls

Beth opens the episode with a narration from when the survivors first arrived at the prison. She talks about the possibility of being happy there and that they may have finally found a place they could be settled in. In current she and Daryl are seen escaping the prison and running into the woods. They now sit around a camp fire at night, silent to each other. Beth suddenly stands and insists that they are not the only survivors and that Daryl can track the others. When Daryl is unresponsive Beth heads off into the woods to look on her own. Daryl quietly gets up and follows after her. The two find footprints and blood and Beth is attacked by a walker. They kill it and find more walkers along side a railroad track, eating the remains of humans. The two kill the walkers and Beth sees an abandon shoe which causes her to cry.

Daytime now Mika and Lizzie are walking in the woods not far behind Tyresse. When the girls ask him a question he turns to reveal that he’s carrying baby Judith. Later that night Tyresse is seen with Mika feeding baby Judith, while Lizzie quietly kills three baby bunnies on a nearby log. In the distance walkers are heard and the three of them leave their camp. In the morning the girls ask Tyresse if its safe to eat off a grapevine they’ve come across, giving them the approval the girls start to eat as he changes Judith. As the girls eat something in the bush moves and startles Mika, causing her to take off running. Tyresse and Lizzie pursue after her, finding her not far ahead hiding behind a tree. Lizzie criticizes Mika for running while Tyresse tells her it was the right thing to do. Screams are heard in the distance and Tyresse gives Judith to the girls, instructing them to stay back to back with each other and to run if they see anything. He gives Mika a gun as Lizzie holds Judith.

Tyresse comes across a walker attack on the same railroad Beth and Daryl crossed earlier in the episode.Two men are being attacked by walkers as Tyresse begins to fight them off. Meanwhile Mika and Lizzie continue standing back to back with each other as Judith cries. Mika begs her sister to make her quiet, afraid walkers might hear, in which Lizzie proceeds to cover Judith’s mouth to muffle her cries. Despite this walkers begin to close in on the girls and Mika, terrified to run, attempts to alert her sister who ignores her. As the walkers stumble into view Lizzie slowly starts to slide her hand over Judith’s nose as Mika holds the gun up to the walkers. Back at Tyresse he’s managed to kill the walkers but not prevent the men from being bitten. He hears Mika’s gun fire and goes to head back but is met by them when they come out of the bush with Carol. Relieved at the sight of her he hugs her with Carol expressing much surprise by the act, realizing that he still is unaware that she killed David and Karen. One of the men who’d been bitten by a walker tells the group to follow the railroad tracks up the road as there is a safe place of sanctuary there for the girls. As they leave the man cries at the loss of his group. Tyresse asks Carol about escaping the attack on the prison in which she answers she wasn’t there as she was still out on a run, but had witnessed the final moments of it. As they follow up the tracks they approach an odd sign saying “Community for All”.

In a quarry Sasha bandages Stokey’s arm as Maggie silently sharpens her knife. Sasha begins to instruct that they should camp their for the night but Maggie insists on looking for Glenn; knowing that the bus drove off with him on it while also assuming that her sister hadn’t made it. Sasha disagrees but Stokey and her follow Maggie anyways. As they walk along the road Sasha tells Stokey how the search is a waste of time while Stokey, surprising hopeful, says it give purpose in life beyond survival. Ahead they see the bus, abandon and packed with walkers. Sasha wants to leave it at that but Maggie again insists that she must know for sure. The intended plan is to let one walker at at time out as Maggie looks at their faces before Stokey and Sasha kill them. Working for only a few walks the door gives way to Sasha and Stokeys hold and the walkers come pouring out. Stokey and Sasha start to kill as many walkers as they can as Maggie stands paralyzed for a moment before becoming enraged and bashing a female walker’s head in. Not seeing Glenn she enters the bus to find a remaining walker feeding on someone who looks similar to Glenn. Maggie kills the last walker and then breaks down crying on the bus but as she does so smiles in relief.

Glenn is seen hanging off the broken prison walkway, teasing a mass of hungry walkers below. Glenn calls for Maggie but is aware that the prison is essentially abandon at this time and goes to collect supplies to escape. Suiting up in riot gear for protection Glenn exits the prison and pushes his way through the swarming walkers with struggle. Making it past the first load he spots Tara who’s locked herself behind a fence. Glenn goes to her, Tara not phased by his sudden presence or his taking of her gun, tells her they need to go. Tara says she was part of the group who attacked the prison and she therefore deserves whatever comes to her. Glenn says he knows but that he doesn’t want her help but rather needs it. He takes Stokey’s bottle of brandy and lights a cloth to the end of it and throws it at the walkers. Distracted by the fire, Glenn and Tara are then able to escape.

As they walk up the road they come across the bus now littered with dead walkers. Tara tells Glenn of seeing her sister Lily’s final moments as she was

S4E10 - Glenn

swarmed by walkers after killing The Governor. Knowing her fault for listening to “Brian” she tells Glenn how he said the prison group were bad people but she knows there not now after having seen the way Brian killed Hershel. Thus also revealing to Glenn that Hershel was killed. Tara asks Glenn again why he’s helping her in which he tells her that he needs her help in finding his wife, while also telling Tara that Hershel was his father in law. They come across a small group of walkers who attack and the two of them fight them off. Glenn collapses, still recovering from being sick, and begins wheezing as Tara fights off a walker on her own. After killing it Tara looks up to see a military truck watching the whole incident. She screams at them for not helping in which Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita emerge from the tank and Abraham saying “You got a damn mouth on you, you know that? What else you got?”

After Thought: Loss and despair is evident in the group as their separation brings mixed emotions of hope and loss to each individual. Currently I like the pairings, with the Tyresse and Carol dynamic sure to make itself known in coming episodes, as well as Glenn and Tara who are now mixed up with some interesting people. The mysterious place of sanctuary is curious as it may be a real place of safety for our survivors but could also be another Woodbury all over again, or worse. It’s really a question now of who will meet up before the finale and what the larger issue at play is here.There’s also the faceless prison occupant who was leaving the rat carcasses offering that the latter half of this season should be full of twists and surprise moments. I don’t know about all of you but I’m excited.

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