TV Recap – HANNIBAL “Kaiseki” (201) [NBC]

Director:  Tim Hunter

Writers: Steve Lightfoot, Bryan Fuller (developed for television)



Doctor Hannibal Lector (Mads Mikkelsen) is in his kitchen slicing meat, when Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) appears in the reflection of his blade.  As he sets the knife across a bowl of salad you can see his own reflection, just then, in seeming slow motion Jack reaches for a weapon and Hannibal picks the knife back up, Jack attacks Hannibal and they quarrel.  As Jack strangles Hannibal by his neck tie, hannibal 201Hannibal lets his body go so that Jack thinks that he has lost consciousness.  As Jack releases Hannibal’s limp body, Hannibal reaches behind him and slices Jack’s carotid artery.


Doctor Hannibal eloquently slicing meat again, preparing a dish, Kaiseki, for Jack Crawford.  Kaeseki is a Japanese dish.  They are discussing the loss of Will Graham (Hugh Dancy), Hannibal tells Jack that he must investigate him.

In the middle of a river, dressed in fishing gear, Will Graham is fly fishing peacefully, when he is interrupted by the site of a moose on the banks, but alas, he is in a jail cell being spoken to by a man in a suit.  The man in the suit speaking with Will is his new psychiatrist Doctor Frederick Chilton (Raul Esparza), Will hannibal 201 will-mooserequests to see Dr. Lector.  Then he closes his eyes and he is back in the river emerging from the water with moose ears.

Jack Crawford, Kade Prurnell (Cynthia Nixon), and Dr. Alana Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas), sit at a table discussing Will Graham and a pending internal investigation.

Work men walk through a river, that looks like the one in Will’s imagination, they discover a dead body.

Hannibal is with his psychiatrist, Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier (Gillian Anderson), Hannibal states that Will has requested to see him and he wants to see Will.

Will, sitting in a jail cell, he sees a moose’s hoof as Doctor Lector arrives to see him.  Doctor Lector discusses friendship with Will, who quickly points out that they are not friends.  Doctor Lector states that it is probably easier to blame the murders on himself rather than taking responsibility for them.  Will threatens to bring a reckoning upon Doctor Lector.

Hannibal is with Beverly Katz (Hettienne Park) in a lab, discussing evidence in Will Graham’s case.  Katz takes responsibility for having missed whatever was going on with Will, then refers to Hannibal as the new Will Graham, implying that he will be consulting with the FBI.

Hannibal walks into the crime scene at the river, where several bodies had been recovered by then.  The bodies are filled with silicone, a technique, Hannibal says, is used in preserving dead animals as trophies; these seem to be the discards that were not done to perfection.

Hannibal signs informed consent for Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier for her to discuss their sessions with Jack Crawford, but limiting to the information necessary.  Hannibal discusses seeing Will, and seeing death in his eyes.  Dr. Maurier is concerned that Hannibal is asking her to lie by withholding certain information.

Dr. Alana Bloom is running with dogs in an open field, cutting her a conversation she is having with Will in prison, the dogs are his and one of them keeps running back home to look for him.  Alana suggests that Will get a better lawyer and plea that his mind was not healthy at the time of the murders.  Will is convinced that Hannibal is responsible but he just cannot remember, he asks her if she can help recover memories.

Doctor Chilton is listening into their conversation.

They begin a session to attempt to recover memories, Will is brought to a table full of organs and decomposing things, where a man sat at the head of the table with antlers as he saw in his previous vision, and a human ear alone on a plate in front of him.

Doctor Chilton is having a vegetarian dinner with Hannibal, discussing Alana’s visit with Will.

A crowded subway, from first person POV, someone brushes against another man’s hand holding the rail and complements his nice skin.  A car alarm sounds, and the man with nice skin comes out of his house to investigate, and finds plastic coming out of the trunk of the trunk of the car.

A brown powder is mixed and burned on a spoon, and is injected into the man from the subway, before his abductor begins work on him.hannibal 201 morgue

Back at the morgue the FBI is with the bodies recovered from the river, they all have heroine in their systems, BHT – a color preservative is in their skin, silicone in their bodies that hardened their skin, and holes that show they appear to have been strung up.

Beverly comes to visit Will in prison, she brings a file and pictures of the bodies that were recovered from the river and other people missing under similar circumstances.  She is asking Will if he can figure out how they are being chosen.  Will studies the DMV pictures and rearranges them, and states that it is a color pallet.

Back in his cell, Will is served his dinner; as he cuts into the meat and eats his first bite, he has a vision Hannibal inserting a tube in his throat and an ear forced through the tube.

Jack Crawford is entering Will’s house, and finds Will’s dog on the front porch.  Alana finds the dog inside on the bed with Jack.  Jack tells Alana that he understands her reason for questioning his decision to have Will in the field.  They both seem to be convinced that Will is guilty, but that acknowledge that he is not a psychopath.

Will is imagining himself in the river, when Jack comes to visit him.  Will has recovered a memory, it is not enough for the FBI, but it is enough for him to know that he did not do it.  “you may not believe me now, but you will.”

Hannibal Lector sits in a quiet room with a fire burning in the fire place.

A farm silo, inside the man from the subway, wakes up and his hands and are glued to his face and his legs are glued together and he is surrounded by several other bodes already dead.  As the camera pans our they are all arranged meticulously in a circle.



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