Need A Quick Refresh Of BATES MOTEL Season One?


Nothing but spoilers.

Episode One, “First You Dream, Then You Die”

Mr. Bates dies a tragic death by an “accident” in his garage, then Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga) uproots Norman (Freddie Highmore) yet again, to move into a foreclosed house on the property of a rundown motel, in the small town of White Pine Bay.  In this episode it seems that several of the young ladies and even a teacher in town are drawn to Norman:  Miss Watson (Keegan Connor Tracy) – the language arts teacher at school, Emma Decody (Olivia Cooks) – a girl with CF, and Bradley Martin (Nicola Peltz) – seems to be a ‘popular’ girl at school.  But his oedipal relationship with his mother is the relationship that is more important that all the rest.

Norman sneaks out of the house to study with Bradley, after Norma tells him that he cannot because she needs him at the house.  While Norman is away, Norma is attacked by the previous owner of the house and motel, Keith Summers (W. Earl Brown) who had come around earlier that day making threats to the Bates.  Norman gets home after his mother is raped and attacks Keith.  They handcuff him and when he comes to, and tries to attack Norma again, she stabs him.  Norma does not want to call the cops because she thinks that the motel will get a bad reputation of the rape and murder hotel, so they decide to just dispose of the body on their own.

Sheriff Alex Romero (Nestor Carbonell) and Deputy Zack Shelby (Mike Vogel) show up while they are trying to cover up what had happened by beginning to tear out the carpet in a few of the rooms of the motel.  But the cops are none the wiser to the body that was currently in the shower of one of the motel rooms.  Later that night, Norma and Norman dispose of the body in the water.

Episode Two, “Nice Town You Picked, Norma”

Norman’s brother Dylan Massett (Max Thieriot) shows up, after he has tracked them down because it seems that Norma has not informed her older son of their move.  The relationship between Dylan and Norma is bad, to say the least.  Dylan knows how to push her buttons and Norman’s too for that matter; playing with the relationship between the two of them.

Bradley’s dad is burned and wrecks his car in front of the motel, while Norman and the girls are waiting for their ride to school.  When the cops arrive they find the truck belonging to the missing Keith.

The Sheriff and Deputy that had been there the night that Norma and Norman killed Keith come around asking questions.  Norma is defensive, but the next day in town she runs into Deputy Shelby, and after a little flirtation between them, he invites her to a town celebration.  Norman is reluctant to get on board with his mom’s planned “date” with the cop.  Dylan eggs him on and they get into a fight while Norma is out.  At the Celebration Deputy Shelby starts to tell Norma a little bit about the way the town works; an eye for an eye…

Norman and Emma study together and Emma finds a diary in Norman’s room that he had found under the carpet in one of the motel rooms.  The diary is in Chinese, Emma translates and reads the diary, finding out a possible secret about the town; they venture into the woods to look for the grave of a girl that was supposedly killed after living as a human sex slave from China.  While in the woods, they come across a huge field of pot and have to run from the guards.

Episode Three, “What’s Wrong With Norman”

Emma can’t let it go, that this girl who was a sex slave right in their town, is buried in the woods and will be forgotten forever if they don’t find her and reveal the truth.  After a conversation with Miss Watson, Norman blacks out during a test.

Dylan gets a job with one of the locals that he met at a bar, a job guarding the pot fields.  The men Dylan is working with have the same thing to say about the town as Deputy Shelby, an eye for an eye…

The doctors run tests on Norman, after his black out and all come back okay.  While Norman is in the hospital awaiting the results the cops show up at the Bates residence with a search warrant.  When Norman gets home he finds that Keith’s belt, that he had in his room, was missing.

Norma meets up with Deputy Shelby, and asks him about what they found or didn’t find in her house, he says that he cannot discuss it because he is on duty, but asks her to dinner.  Norman doesn’t like the idea of the dinner, but mother knows best, and she must find out what Deputy Shelby knows about the search of their home.  Later Norma finds out that Deputy Shelby found the belt and hid it from everyone else, he is adamant that Norma tell him the truth so that they can work together and he can help her.

When Dylan gets back home and finds Norman awake worried about his mom still out, Dylan has a heart to heart with Norman, trying to tell him that he needs to get out more and untangle himself from the unhealthy relationship he has with Norma.

Norma comes to Norman in the night, telling him that he is right about Deputy Shelby.  She asks him if he knows what he must do, Norman says, “He has to get that belt.”  Then leaves his house in the middle of the night, in a daze, and walks to the home of Deputy Shelby and breaks into the house.  While searching for the belt, Norman is attacked by the Deputy’s dog, he locks the dog in a bedroom, and proceeds to unlock the basement with the keys he has just found.  In the basement, Norman finds a Chinese girl locked up and barely alive, just before Deputy Shelby gets home.

Episode Four, “Trust Me”

Dylan had followed Norman that night that he walked to Deputy Shelby’s house in the night.  We see the same events from that night from Dylan’s point of view.  When Deputy Shelby arrives home, he first goes upstairs to his dog, barking, and then a ring of his doorbell by Dylan, give Norman a chance to get out of the house unseen.

Norman comforts Bradley as she places a cross by the road where her dad’s accident occurred, now that he is dead.

Daryl warns Norma about dating that cop.

Norman walking down the street sees Deputy Shelby pulling someone over, Norman puts up his hood and walks away faster, but Deputy Shelby caught up with him.  Shelby tells Norman that he thinks it is necessary for the two of them to go fishing, since he and Norma are close now.

Norman gets home and tells Norma about the girl in Deputy Shelby’s basement and about the diary found in one of the rooms.  Norma pretends not to remember having told Norman to go to Deputy Shelby’s house, she tells Norman that he sometimes hears and sees things that are not real.

That night, Norma stays over at Shelby’s house, and wanders into the basement and does not find the girl that Norman told her about.

Norma tells Norman that she found nothing in the basement, then forces Norman to go fishing with Deputy Shelby.  Shelby starts asking Norman very personal questions about his relationship with his dad.  Shelby is insistent that Norman and he must trust each other.  A phone call cuts the fishing trip short.

Keith’s hand with his watch on it is found in a fishing net.

Norman continues to comfort Bradley in her time of grief, and she tells him about the hand in the fisherman’s net.  Norman runs home to tell Norma about the hand, just then there is knock on the door from Deputy Shelby and another Deputy, asking Norma to come down to the station because Sheriff Romero wants to ask her a few questions.

Norma is aloof and quiet during Sheriff Remero’s questioning.  After which, she and Norman go to the dumpster where they dumped the carpet from the motel that they ripped out after Keith’s body.  Norma has a break down at the dump when she cannot get in to get the carpet out.

Norman confides in Dylan about Keith attacking Norma.  He tells Dylan about the belt and Deputy Shelby.  With advise from his big brother, Norman goes to Bradley’s house.  When Norma wakes up in the night, and goes to Norman’s room to talk to him, he is not there, and his bed has not been slept in.  Dylan tells her that Norman is out with a girl.

Norma is arrested for the murder of Keith Summers.

Episode Five, “Ocean View”

Norman tells Emma about the girl she found.  He does not give her all the details, telling her that he cannot get into it until he helps his mom first.

Norman bails Norma out of jail with the deed to the motel.  Norma is completely ungrateful for Norman’s help.

Norma and Norman go to a lawyer, where Norma refuses to discuss her “defense” because she did not do it.  In the car on the way home, Norma go crazy on Norman for going out and getting laid while she was home worried sick and getting arrested.  Norma is upset that Norman told Dylan their personal business.  Norman tells Norma that she scares him and that’s why he told Dylan.  She makes him get out of the car 10 miles away from home.

Dylan picks up Norman on his motorcycle, back at the house, Dylan compares Norma’s need for drama in her life to being an addict and tells Norman that he needs to walk away.  Dylan tells Norman that he is getting his own place, if Norma goes to jail Norman will move in and if she does not go to jail, Norman should still move in.

Dylan’s work buddy gives him 5 grand as a loan to get a new place for himself and his brother.  Just after that he is shot in the neck.

Deputy Shelby meets Norma in his car, to apologize for arresting her and tell her that they cannot see each other for a while.  Norma walks away.  Shelby tells her that he loves her.

Deputy Shelby distracts the “office manager” at the police station and breaks into the evidence closet and tampers with the evidence for Norma’s case.

Dylan finds the man that shot his friend and runs him over with his friend’s truck.

Norma gets a call from her lawyer that the evidence disappeared.  She figures it out that it is probably Shelby.

Emma picks up Norman outside his house.  Emma and Norman find the Asian girl in Keith’s boat and take her back to the motel.  Norma does not want to believe that the man that was keeping the Asian girl in his basement is Deputy Shelby, she gets a picture and the girl confirms that he is the man.

Episode Six, “The Truth”

In the beginning of the episode, Norma is somewhat comatose in disbelief of Deputy Shelby’s involvement with the Asian girl.  As Emma and Norman discuss what to do, Norma runs away to her car and speeds off, Norman jumps in the window of the car to try to stop her.

Daryl tells another of his work friends about how his other friend had been shot, and he drove him to the hospital and then happened to find the shooter on the way back and ran him over.  His friend tells him how to dispose of the truck.  When he does so another man shows up to pick him up and says that he will be working for Daryl now.

Norma, Emma, and Norman discuss what to do with the Asian girl.  Norma promises Emma that they will go to the police tomorrow, after they give the girl a chance to rest.  When Emma leaves, Norma tells Norman that they are absolutely not going to the police, they are getting Keith’s belt back from Shelby.

Dylan walks in while Norma and Norman are planning what to do with the Asian girl, he asks Norman to take him to the boat.  On the way, Dylan tells Norman about a place that he put first and last months rent down on.  While on the boat, Dylan tells Norman that he things that Norma killed Norman’s dad.

Deputy Shelby surprises Norma for a late night rendex vous, he wants to be with her in the motel.  But then he hears something in one of the other rooms.  When the Asian girl sees Shelby she runs and he shoots at her but then Norma tackles him, he pushes her against the wall and to the ground and runs into the woods after the Asian girl.

Dylan and Norman pull up just then to tell Norma that the belt is gone now.  Dylan also tells Norma that Norman is going to move out.  Norma tells the boys that Shelby is running after the girl in the woods.  While Norma, Dylan, and Norman argue about where Norman is going to live and other family business, Shelby comes back with his gun pointed at all of them.

Back in the house, while Shelby yells and slaps around Norma, Norman goes into a black-out rage and lunges at Shelby who fights back and Norman falls to the ground unconscious and Shelby runs away.  Dylan takes that opportunity to retrieve a gun from the ground.  Dylan and Shelby shoot it out and just when Dylan thinks he has Shelby, because he is on the ground shot in the leg, Dylan’s weapon does not have any bullets left.  Dylan runs upstairs and Shelby follows, while they are upstairs Norma drags and unconscious Norman outside and calls 911.

In the midst of the gun fight, Shelby gets shot in the eye, he stumbles outside to find Norma and Norman in their truck without keys to start it and leave, he holds up his gun to shoot them, and falls to the ground.

Norma finally admits to Dylan, exactly what happened the night that Norman’s father died. . . according to her flashback/explanation, Norma and her husband were fighting and he started to get violent with her, Norman was listening from the other room and when he started to really hurt Norma, Norman came into the living room in a black-out and hit his father over the head with the blender, knocking him to the ground dead.  She takes Norman to his room and puts him to bed and stages the “accident” in the garage.

Episode Seven, “The Man in Number 9”

Sheriff Romero responds to Norma’s 911 call to find a dead Deputy Shelby with the Bates family. Cut to – the four of them in the living room, Norma telling the Sheriff, “that’s the whole truth, now you know everything about Keith and Shelby.”  The sheriff gives them all a story to tell about Shelby killing Keith etc.

Norma wakes Norman up from a naughty dream about Bradley to announce that the motel will be opening next week and they have a lot of work to do.

Norma is all smiles and happy, making breakfast for her boys, when Dylan tells her that he is still planning to move out.

When Dylan walks outside there is a suspicious man asking about Keith Summers.

Bradley is back at school.

Norma goes to a restaurant in town to try to network, exchange brochures, she is met by a rude owner that says it’s a small town, she knows and so does everyone else about the drama that’s been going on at the motel.

That night a man shows up at the motel, wondering why his key is not working for room number 9, he has a standing reservation.  Norma explains that she is a new owner and the locks have been changed, but she gets him a key to the room.

When Dylan gets back to the Motel, he goes to room 9 to get information from their standing reservation gentleman.

The next day, Dylan tells Norman that he will be moving out when his arm gets better.  Norman then runs into Bradley on the street and Dylan introduces himself to her.  Bradley asks about Dylan working where her father used to work…Dylan is suspicious when he asks if that was the girl that Norman slept with the other day and Norman says he has not seen her since.

Norma cannot sleep; she goes downstairs to investigate a noise and finds her back door open.  She grabs a knife from the kitchen and goes outside. To see that the wind is blowing the door.

The next day, Emma comes over looking for Norman.  Emma asks Norma about a plate of food on the front step, asks if they got a dog…Norma asks Norman about it, he left it out.  Norman asks Norma to make an excuse about not feeling well, so that he doesn’t have to come down.  Emma starts to cry as she walks out the door, blames it on allergies.  Norma asks Emma to come with her to pick up window sheers from town.

Norma asks Emma about what Norma is preoccupied with, and Emma tells Norma about Bradley.  As they walk past the yoga class, Emma shows Norma Bradley; Norma has images of Norman and Bradley together in her head.

Norman tries to feed a stray dog, and Norma comes up warning him about not knowing where she has been or where she comes from.  Norman argues that having a dog is a normal thing and Norma agrees.

Norma switches conversation topic to Bradley, warning him about sex.  Norma then tells Norman that she hired Emma to work at the motel a few nights a week.

Norman shows up at Bradley’s house, she tries to blow him off for homework, but he says that they need to talk.  Bradley tells Norman that she doesn’t feel that way about him, that she should not have done it with someone like him.

Norman walks away talking to himself, and Bradley follows him.  When Bradley catches up it seems that Norman is in an altered stated, he tells her that he does not think that she is a nice girl.  She hugs him and he walks away.

The mystery guest in room 9, comes into the office to talk to Norma.  Norma admits that she is not having as many reservations as she would hope.  He offers to help spread the word of mouth.  He says that he is in sales.  And he would like to have the same arrangement as he had with Keith.  For a week every couple months to rent a block of 4 rooms.  She asks if it is anything illegal, they both laugh and he says no.

The stray dog that Norman had just convinced Norma to let him keep, gets hit by a car in front of the motel.  Norman wants to take the dog to Emma’s dad, who is a taxidermist.  Norman begins to cry telling his mother that he was wrong about everything.

Episode Eight, “A Boy and His Dog”

Start the episode with Emma’s father showing Norman how to perform taxidermy on his dog.

Emma goes into a bathroom at school, having a coughing attack; when Bradley’s friends come in and she over hears them demeaning Norman.  Emma comes out of the stall and tells them off, defending Norman and telling Bradley’s friends that Norman and Bradley had sex.

Norman tries to call the sherriff.

A man calls Dylan and tells him to pick up the trimmers.

Bradley confronts Norman about having told Emma about them having sex.  She says it was a mistake and to forget that it ever happened.  Miss Watson sees the exchange between Norman and Bradley, and chases Norman outside trying to convince him to come back into school.

Norma knocks on the door to room 9, to ask if he needs the room cleaning.  The man asks Norma about Deputy Shelby being shot there at the motel.  He has also heard about Keith, and the use of the motel for a sex trade.  Norma gets a strange feeling and is very startled by the man’s questions and makes a weak excuse to leave the room.

Norma has a conversation with Sherriff Romero asking for a favor, to help get her on the city council.

Then Norma is asked to come to the school, she is confronted by the principal and Miss Watson about Norman’s behavior in school and the fact that he left school without permission.

The man that picked Dylan up after he ditched the truck, is on the run with him, complaining about the 23 years he has been working and now he is working for Dylan, who just started in this business.  They get into a pretty intense bar fight.  After that, the man tells Dylan he used to be just like him, moved up and the boss liked him, then he was told he doesn’t have leadership potential.  They work for Gill, but the man says no, I work for the big boss.  There is no quitting in this line, but you can get fired – you don’t want that to happen to you.

Norman comes home and apologizes to Norma about what happened at school.  She tells him that he needs to try to fit in.  Norman asks for a ride to Emma’s shop for her dad to teach him taxidermy.

Norma asks for a private minute with Emma’s father, she is worried that Norman will be labeled as a freak.

Episode 9, “Underwater”

Carrying a body out of Norma’s home; she said she was getting ready to go out, and turned around and saw something in her bed.  She blamed Jake Abernathy (the man in room 9)

Norma freaks out on the trimmers that are staying at her motel, yelling at them not to smoke pot on the porch.  Their response, don’t you know where you are.  They finally comply and she questions Dylan, who tells her nothing.  She shouts a bit and says that they are moving.

Norman dreams about drowning Bradley in a tub with a formal dress on.

Emma comes in early to the motel to help get things organized.  Norma tells Emma to bust the people staying there if they are smoking pot.

Norma gets flowers, with a note that say “see you soon…”  She calls and leaves a message for the Sheriff.

Bradley runs into Dylan on the street and asks him about helping her break into her dad’s office to get some stuff out.

Norma goes to her real estate agent and threatens him with suit, and tells him to sell the house and motel.

Miss Watson stops Norman in the halls and compliments him on a short story and his grades.

Norma sees a suspicious car drive by while she is cleaning the rooms.

Norman brings home his stuffed dog.

Dylan walks in on Norman googling what it means to have a dream about drowning someone.

Dylan asks for the office of Bradley’s father.

Emma shows up for work, and sees someone smoking pot, she goes to confront him.

Miss Watson, is privately tutoring Norman on fixing up his short story to be published.  She is very flirtatious.  Although she is a bit distracted also.

The hippie trimmers are outside the motel singing and eating and smoking.  The Sheriff pulls up, calmly talks to them, then enters Norma’s office.  She asks about the flowers, and Jake Abernathy, he says that Jake Abernathy doesn’t exist.  Sheriff says that he will have the house patrolled on the half hour.

Emma arrives at the motel to find a pot cupcake from one of the hippies.

Bradley meets Dylan out at a restaurant and she asks about her dad’s office.  He offers to pack everything up and get them to her.  She tells him a sob story about wanting to see the office.

At the motel Emma gets a wrong number call.  Then eats the cupcake.

In the house, Norma tells Norman about a cottage in Hawaii that they can move to.  Norman tells her that he will not move.  Emma comes in and tells Norma and Norman that she thinks there might be video recording devices in the office.  She is very loopy and high.

Dylan is sneaking Bradley into the office and they get shot at. . . Bradley starts digging around the office, says she is looking for a pocket watch, but finds some letters. . . from a mistress.  Dylan comforts Bradley.

Norma asks Norman to let her sleep in his bed, when he offers to sleep on the floor she says they will both fit in the bed.

Norman tells Miss Watson, that he does not think that his mom would approve of his story being published.  She tells Norman that she knows what it is like for him.

Norma storms into the real estate office again, asking about the open house at her property.  He is rushing to pack up his brief case and says there is no market for her property with the new bypass road going in; he advises her to walk away and let the bank take it over because she would be lucky to get half.  Norma threatens to sue, he tells her good luck because he is in debt.  She hits him repeatedly with her purse before she storms out to her car.

While she is in her car, she is grabbed from behind by Jake Abernathy, who holds a gun to her throat and asks if she got the gift he left in her bed.  He says that Shelby owed him money from the last crop, and she needs to bring him the money, $150,000. He tells her that if he has to go to her house looking for her, he will kill her sons first.

Episode 10, “Midnight”

A disheveled Norma bursts into the police station asking for the Sheriff.  In his office, she tells him about the money that she promised to Jake Abernathy.  Sheriff Romero says that he will take care of it, that she and her sons will be safe.

At school, Norma walks up to Emma in the hallway, and offers to go to the school dance with her.

Back home, a chipper Norma offers Dylan French toast; then asks for a gun and some quick lessons in how to use it.  Dylan refuses to give her a gun, so she tells him all about Jake, the money, and the sheriff.

Sheriff Romero is in a garage packing up a bag.

A tightly wound Norma gets out of her car and bumps into a man on the street.  She is at the office of the psychiatrist’s office asking about how to handle stress.  The doctor asks Norma if she remembers what she expected parenthood to be like when she was a little girl.  Then he asks if she remembers her childhood.  She recalls her father’s smile and feeling safe with him, her mother worked in a bakery and always smelled like cookies.  Suddenly she is feeling sick to her stomach and rushes out before the session is over.

Norman over hears Miss Watson shouting and crying on the phone with a man named Erik.  She tells him to leave her alone.  Norman asks if she is okay, Miss Watson asks her to forget what he might have just heard and not tell anyone.  She touches his face and talks about the secret they share now and hugs him maybe a bit inappropriately for a teacher student relationship.

Sheriff Romero shows up at the house of a woman, who is apparently Keith’s sister, Maggie.  He asks about the book keeping for Keith and Shelby’s little business.  He asks if Jake is the one that beat up her face, he admits to being the third partner with Keith and Shelby.  She says that Jake is running the same type of business in four different ports.

Norma is on the phone asking about patrol at her house, Emma comes in with a dress for the dance that night and shows Norma.  Emma sees a scar on Norma’s leg, Norma says it is from spilling hot chocolate on herself as a child.

Dylan pulls up and gives Norma a gun.  While Dylan is teaching Norma to shoot, she asks about his job; and he tells her the truth, that he guards pot fields.  When she finally listens to him, and hits the target, Dylan calls Norma mom, for the first time in a long time.  Dylan suggests that Norma do what Sheriff Romero says to do, even though it might be hard for her; it’s the right thing to do because he is kinda the man in this town.

Keith’s sister, Maggie, comes up to Norma while she is cleaning the rooms at the motel.  Maggie tells Norma that if she has the money she should give it up and warns Maggie about the man she is calling Jake Abernathy.

Norman is at home when Bradley comes knocking on the door asking for Dylan.  Dylan comes downstairs with a box of stuff from Bradley’s father’s desk.  Norman over hears the exchange between Dylan and Bradley that sounds a bit flirtatious and he does not look happy.

Norma is holding and examining her gun.  Norman is upset and shouts about finding black socks for the dance, Dylan offers Norman some black socks.  Norman tells Dylan that he can go out with Bradley if he wants to, Norman is very manic and talking all over the place.

While waiting for Emma to pick Norman up for the dance, Norma admits to Norman that she has lied about her past to everyone.  But she wants someone to know the truth; she tells him that her brother used to make her have sex with him from the time that she was 13 until he moved out.  She admits that her dad was so very violent and she was afraid that he would kill her brother if she told him.  One day, she heard the front door open while her brother was doing things to her and she jumped up and a hot iron fell on her leg and burned it.

When Norma gets up to answer the door for Emma, she returns and Norman is in a strange state sitting on the couch.

Norman and Emma show up at the dance, both a bit nervous admitting that neither had ever been to a dance before.  They spot Bradley with her boyfriend and there is an awkward exchange of glances.  While they are dancing Emma blows up on Norman about still being caught up on Bradley even though he should admit that he likes her and they should be together.

Bradley’s boyfriend talks with Norman outside and picks a fight with him about leaving Bradley alone after having taken advantage of her after her father died.

Norman begins to walk home in the rain, when Miss Watson pulls up and offers him a ride.  Miss Watson takes Norman home with her to clean up before she takes him home.

Norma is at the harbor to meet Jake Abernathy, when she sees Sheriff Romero walk up with a bag.  When Jake shows up, they make a new business arrangement; then Sheriff Romero shoots Jake and he falls into the water.  He tells the hiding Norma that she can go home now.

While Miss Watson is cleaning up Norman’s eye, she tells him that he shouldn’t tell anyone that he came there.  They are very close and share an intimate moment, then she says that she will change before she drives him home.  Norman watches from the living room and can see Miss Watson undress through a mirror.  Norman sees a hallucination of Norma talking down on Miss Watson changing where he can see.  Norma tells Norman, “you know what you have to do”.  This is a common thing for Norma to tell Norman.  Cut to Norman running home in the rain and meeting Norma back at home.

Norma tells Norman that everything is good, finally.  They go inside together to build a fire.

As the camera pans out on the Bates motel and fades to black, we are back at Miss Watson’s house, and she is bloody on the floor dead.

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