TV Recap: THE FOLLOWING “Fly Away” (206) [FOX]

TV Recap:  THE FOLLOWING “Fly Away” (206) [FOX]


Directed by:  Rob Seidenglanz

Written by:  Kevin Williamson (created by)  Dewayne Darian Jones



In the art studio, Emma has finally fallen asleep, Mark awakes to find that she has completed the portrait with the face of Joe Carroll instead of his.  He leaves the studio and goes to his brother’s room; Mark pushes his way into Luke’s room to find Giselle dead in the bed and Luke hysterical.


At the FBI headquarters, Mendez is talking to Mike Weston about the DNA being swapped and the possibility of Joe being alive.

Ryan is startled awake, when Max comes into the motel room with first aid supplies.  Lily Gray is on the news, Ryan is worried that Giselle told someone where they are.  Max said she tipped the Motel guy $50 to give them a heads up if he sees anyone.  Ryan calls Mike, tells him that they found Lily and the twins in Stratford, CN.  Ryan tells Mike that there are more than just the three of them, to call everyone in on this.  Ryan tells Mike that he thinks that Joe is with them also.

Joe and Lily are in bed together.  Lily has a plan for what to do next.  They will fly to Boston and then to Venezuela to a lovely estate on the coast.  There is no extradition from there, they will get new identities, she will paint and he will write.  Joe is reluctant to agree.

Lily enters Luke’s room to find Giselle dead.  Lily tells Luke that they all need to leave for Venezuela, they are not safe if Ryan is near.  Luke wants to go finish off Ryan Hardy but Lily disagrees with that plan.  Lily tells Mark to tell everyone that they need to get ready to leave, but not to say anything about Ryan Hardy.

Weston shows up at the Motel with Ryan and Max.  He is alone.  Mike did not tell anyone else at the FBI, because he things that the FBI is compromised.

When Emma leaves the art studio, she runs into Mandy who tells Emma that Joe and Lily had sex and he is in her room.  Emma asks why everyone is packing, Mandy does not know.

Mike shows Ryan the picture of Joe and Mandy.

Luke shows up at the motel, and Weston hits him with a board and knocks him out.

Joe comes to see Emma in the art studio, Joe tells Emma that Lily is leaving to go to Venezuela and is offering for them to come along.  Joe says that he cannot go to Venezuela, he does not want to disappoint a whole new group of people.  He suspects that he does not have much time left.  He has a plan, an epic plan.  He cannot promise anything, except his loyalty to Emma.  Emma says that she is tired of running.

Mandy knocks on Lily’s door, Lily asks if Mandy will come with them.  Mandy’s only answer is if Lily is sure Joe wants to go?  Mandy said that she really wants to come with Lily.  Lily says that this is her family now too.  Mandy suggests that Lily talk to Joe.  Their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Ryan Hardy on Luke’s phone.  Ryan wants to trade Luke for Joe.

Lily goes to Joe, tells him about Ryan Hardy and the dead Giselle and captive Luke.  Lily drugged Joe the following 206 joewith something in his drink.  She apparently has a plan to get Luke back and wants Joe to stay at the estate knocked out.

Max is with Luke in a car.

Emma and Mandy discuss find Joe unconscious.

Lily, Mark, and a man in a Joe Carroll mask show up to get Luke.  After a brief standoff, they give Luke back for the life of the innocent man.

the following 206 lukeBack at the estate, Emma and Mandy are trying to wake up Joe.  They stab the other French girl when she tries to stop them from leaving.

Ryan shows up to Lily’s estate.  He is attacked by Sami and stabs him.

At the FBI headquarters, they are wondering if there is any news from Weston.  There was a B&E in Stratford and prints were found from the twins and Giselle.  They are sending back up to Stratford now.

Ryan Hardy gets inside Lily’s house just in time to see out an upstairs window, that Joe, Emma, and the following 206 ryanMandy are leaving.  Joe looks up at the window and sees Ryan.

Weston shoots Luke, Mark and Lily leave Luke for dead.  But he is not dead; he gets up and attacks Mike.  Mike brutally punches Luke in the face until Max stops him.

Joe, Emma, and Mandy show up at the plane, but Joe gets a phone call as they are getting on the plane.  Ryan pulls up along with the FBI just in time to stop the plane from taking off.  But it seems that Joe got a heads up phone call and did not get in the plane.

The pilot tells the FBI that the man got a phone call and told the girls to get off the plane.  Ryan tells Mendez that the man was Joe, Joe is alive.

Wrapping up the episode:

Ryan, Max, and Mike talk about how someone inside the FBI is tipping off Joe, they cannot trust anyone.

Joe is on the phone with Jana, thanking her for tipping him off about the plane.  Then Lily calls, Joe tells her that he is done with her and her international house of psychos.

Lily gets out of the car sick to her stomach and crying uncontrollably and inconsolable.  Mark just stands and watches her.


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