TV Recap: THE FOLLOWING “Reflection” (205) [FOX]

TV Recap:  THE FOLLOWING “Reflection” (205) [FOX]


Written by:  Lizzie Mickery, Kevin Williamson (creator)

Directed by:  Nicole Kassell



Joe Carroll officially sheds his identity as Daryl as he shaves his beard at the beginning of the episode.

Max calls Ryan to tell him where Giselle is getting off the train and she is following her despite Ryan’s pleas to wait for him.  Giselle makes a phone call, she tells Luke that all is well and they will meet as planned at a warehouse.  Ryan continues to tell Max to stop following her, but of course Max is as stubborn as her uncle and she doesn’t listen to a word he says.

Luke watches as Joe and Lily talk by the light of a fireplace.  Lily introduces Joe to her family.

Luke and Jammelle leave to meet Giselle.

Lilly tells everyone to say goodnight, but Emma asks for a minute alone with Joe.  Lily is obviously upset by this, as she leaves the room she says that Emma is a bigger problem than she first suspected she would be.

Emma questions Joe about why he left her, hid his brother from her, and everything else.  She argues that she is not just anyone and she was hurt when he left her all alone.  He said that he had failed everyone.

At the FBI headquarters, NYPD sent over footage of Ryan and Max following Giselle at Grand Central Station, and Max getting on the New Haven train following Giselle.  But that is the last they have seen of the three of them.

the following 205 ryan and giselleRyan gets to Max and they stop Giselle on the street.  They knock her out and move her off the street. . .

The FBI agents are looking at information about Judy, Mandy, and the reverend; but somewhat disregard this as having anything to do with Joe.

Max and Ryan are holding Giselle handcuffed in a hotel room.  They try to get information out of her, but Giselle pretends to only speak French.  Ryan attempts to make a deal with her, telling Giselle that he only wants to kill Joe Carroll, because he killed someone very dear to him and he will let her and her friends go if she gives him the information that he wants.

Outside on the grounds of the estate, Joe tells Emma that he is ashamed of what he did to her, that he was wrong and selfish.  Emma tells Joe that when she lost him, she called everyone she knew.  There were others and they lived in a rat hole afraid to go outside.  He asks about the others and she says that it’s just her now.  But Joe corrects her, that it is the two of them.  Emma says that Lily and the rest there are crazy.  Joe tells Emma that he has a plan for them to stay together.

Lily is discussing her concerns about Emma with Mark.  Mark likes Emma and asks Lily to give her a chance.  Lily agrees, on the condition that Mark will keep Emma occupied so that she can spend some time with Joe.

It is not until Max threatens to call the FBI that Giselle breaks and tells them about the warehouse, where she has plans to meet her group.  Ryan wants to go alone and for Max to stay and watch Giselle.  Max points out that Giselle did not deny that Joe is alive. . .

Mark takes Emma to an art studio in the stable.  He says that he read about her in the Havenport Tragedy book, that she is an artist.

Lily tells Joe that she played the victim on the subway to get close to Ryan Hardy, and that he is still as obsessed with Joe as ever.

Ryan gets to the warehouse, no one is there yet.

At the motel, Max is distracted by maid service long enough for Giselle to break her own hand to get out the following 205 giselleof the handcuffs.  She knocks out Max and leaves.

At the warehouse, Luke and Jamelle pull up and walk inside calling out to Giselle.  Ryan surprises them and shoots Jamelle.  Mark and Ryan have a short stand off, where Mark has a chance to criticize Ryan’s obsession with Joe before Jamelle shoots Ryan.  Ryan then runs behind a corner and when Jamelle and Mark turn to look for him he is playing opossum and surprises them again, killing Jamelle.

While Mark watches Jamelle die, Ryan takes off and collapses in the woods outside the ware house.

Emma and Mark flirt a bit, and he intensely touches her face.  When Emma returns the gesture, Mark freaks out yelling at Emma not to touch him.  Mark tells Emma that he has haptophobia and if this is going to work out she needs to read up on it.  Emma realizes that they are locked in the studio.  Mark says that he cannot open the door because mother wants to be alone with Joe.

Giselle arrives at the warehouse to find Jamelle dead and Mark standing over him.  They arm themselves and prepare to follow the trail of blood to Ryan Hardy and kill him.

Lily is taking Joe to a surprise . . . a torcher chamber/kill room.  She says that it is for him to get back to work, there is a girl in a cage, Wendy Porter.  Lily tells Joe that she is an art dealer it is her job to foster and enable talent, she wants to give him everything he desires.  All she wants in return is to be a part of his greatness.  Joe does not react well, he leaves Lily shocked.

Ryan comes across a house and lets himself in.  The house appears to be empty; he finds a first aid kit and starts to patch himself up when someone comes in calling out to Billy.  Ryan tells her to tie the scarf around her eyes, so that she does not see him while he tends to his wound.

Lily approaches Joe as he stands in a doorway.  Joe explains to Lily that he will not be controlled by anyone.  Lily says she wouldn’t want to if she could.

Ryan is cleaning up his own blood with bleach when he sees out the window that Mark and Giselle have caught up with him.  He puts Bella in the closet to hide.

Giselle comes into the house and tells Ryan that Max is dead.  Max stabs Giselle in the stomach and lets her fall to the ground to bleed out.  Mark comes in shooting.  Ryan runs out the door, and that is when Mark sees Giselle on the floor and collapses crying out, NO.

Back at Lily’s estate, Joe is in his torture room with Wendy strapped to the table.  He plays Tchaikovsky and prepares to get to work.

Wrapping up the episode. . .

The FBI has pictures of Joe and Mandy in a suspicious vehicle, but they do not recognize Joe with his full beard.

Joe is covering a bloody mess of a Wendy with a white sheet.  He delicately wipes a bit of blood off his hands on the white sheet.  Then takes a drink of his scotch and joins Lily in her room, still bloody, he the following 205 emma and joebegins touch her and kiss her.

Luke is cradling Giselle’s dead or dying body.

Mark is sleeping in the studio and Emma gently touches his forehead, when the camera zooms out we see the completed picture, with Joe’s face instead of Mark’s.

Ryan shows up at the hotel room to find the Max is still alive, he hugs her.






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