TV Recap: THE FOLLOWING “Family Affair” (204) [FOX]

“Family Affair”

Written by:  Brett Mahony

Directed by:  Marcos Siega



Joe and Mandy show up at the home of Joanna and her two kids.

News of Lily Gray being a follower of Joe Carroll is playing in Ryan’s apartment, while he and a skeptical Max discuss plans to continue their extracurricular investigation.  Max tells Ryan to get new phones.

At FBI headquarters Mendez, Weston, and the others are watching a tape of the interrogation of Hannah, the only surviving follower from the raid on the house in Jersey.  They also discuss Lily Gray’s adoption of twin boys whose mother died in child birth.  Lily is a billionaire with no previous record, they are trying to figure out where she would go and what her connection to Joe is.

Lily and Luke are driving to a large secluded estate, where they meet Mark outside.  They tell Mark that Giselle is not with them because she is ‘taking care of’ David back in the city.  Inside the house, Lily greets another set of twins and another girl; all speaking French.  Lily also welcomes Emma to her family.the following 204 mandy and the kid

While Mandy plays in the yard with the little girl, Joanna and Joe talk.  Joanna wants to know why Joe did not come right away as they had planned.

Giselle, in the city, breaks into David’s apartment, while he watches the news reports about Lily Gray.  Giselle opens David’s computer.

Outside David’s apartment, Ryan is watching from across the street, as a persnickety lawyer argues with the FBI about having a warrant.  Ryan on the phone with Max, asks about the lawyer.

Inside David’s apartment, he struggles to get out of bed and go to the other room.  He finds his computer open and Giselle there.  David asks about Lily, says he wants to see her and wants to sue the news for what they are saying about her.  Giselle says that Lily did not want him to suffer, offers drugs for him to take and sleep.  He refuses so she says she gets to do things her way.  Knocks him to the ground and uses a wire to cut his throat and kill him.

Ryan answers his phone, on the street, tells Max that he lost his tail.  Max gives Ryan an address of the lawyer’s second property.

As Max hangs up the phone, Mike Weston shows up in her office and she turns her computer off.  He tells her that what she is doing is not helping her uncle and that she should stop.  Mike tells Max that he is a friend and is worried that Ryan will get himself killed.  Max kicks him out.

Lily and Emma are taking a walk on the property of the estate.  Lily tells Emma that she is safe and that she wants to be friends.  Emma is closed off, and not willing to open up.

Joe asks Joanna about Joey, while she makes him new identification papers, she does not know anything about Joey.  Along with the new papers, Joanna gives Joe a package of cash.  Joe says that a select few know how to send a message to him, and that they have reached out.

Lily tells Emma that her father killed her mother and took his own life, because he thought that her mother had an affair with her wealthy employer.  The employer took care of her after her parents died.  Lily tells Emma that she knows her mother did not lover her the way she needed her to.  She didn’t see her strength, intelligence, and beauty.  Emma asks why Lily was looking for Joe.  She answers by talking about Luke and Mark, and knowing that they were different and that she did not try to stop them from being who they are.

Ryan is getting to the address that Max gave him, and passes Giselle in the hallway.  He gets to the apartment to find David dead.  He runs back downstairs and outside to find Giselle speeding away.  He takes pictures of her car as she gets away.

At Lily’s estate, the burner phone rings, they run the phone to Emma.  It is Joe.  She is so happy to hear from him, she finally smiles.  Luke, Mark, and Lily tell Emma to tell Joe the meeting place.  Joe asks if they are friends and she tells him that it is safe.  She tells Joe to come back to her and they make arrangements to meet.

Mendez and the rest of the FBI are there getting the laptop from David’s apartment.  Mendez asks if Ryan has a new phone, he answers, yes I lost my old one, along with those two agents I keep losing.  Ryan is arrested.

Lily, Luke and Mark are discussing the meeting with Joe, Mark offers to go with Emma to meet Joe and bring him to the estate.  Lily is worried about Emma.  Luke jokes about the way she talked to Joe on the phone, she thinks it’s all about her.  Luke apologizes to Lily for cutting her so deep in the subway.

Joanna is packing up food for Joe and Mandy to take with them.  Joe asks about Corban, and Joanna pulls Roderick’s file.  Mandy asks if he will kill Joanna, says he has to because no one is supposed to know that he is alive.  Joe says that death is a precious gift and we cannot give it indiscriminately, or it will no longer be special.

Joe and Mandy say goodbye to Joanna.

Max finds the car that Ryan took pictures of outside Grand Central Station with a boot on it.  She looks at the traffic cam and sees Giselle getting out of the car, then spots her at a table outside and sits down close.

Ryan is being questioned by Mendez and Mike.  She lets him go without charging him because he is more valuable to be followed.

Ryan leaves and returns Max’s calls, who tells him that she is looking right at the girl from the car.

Mark and Emma meet Joe.  Emma is very emotional when she finally sees him again.

Ryan tells Max that she shouldn’t be there.  Max says that the girl keeps checking her watch, she is waiting for a train.  Max wants to follow her or arrest her.  Ryan tells Max not to follow the girl, that he is almost there.  But Max gets up anyway and walks a good distance behind Giselle at first.  Giselle and Max get into a scuffle on the street and Max tries to arrest Giselle but she gets away.

the following 204 max and ryanJust then Ryan comes up and Max directs him into Grand Central to follow Giselle.  Max joins Ryan and they spot her and follow.  Giselle sees Ryan coming and hides behind a post.  Max sees her from across the track and points Ryan in the right direction, then runs upstairs to meet him on the other side of the platform.  Giselle attacks Ryan, and he fights back and pulls a gun on her, she plays the victim and screams for help.  Two met restrain Ryan and Giselle gets on the train.

Wrapping up the episode:

At the FBI headquarters, Mendez gets a phone call.  She is talking to someone about picking up her kids because she is running late.  She is talking to Joanna, the same Joanna that Joe just visited.

Joe and Mandy arrive at Lily’s estate with Emma and Mark.  Lily is dressed up for the occasion.

Max calls Ryan and tells him that she is on the train and is watching Giselle.

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