TV Recap: THE FOLLOWING “Trust Me” (203) [Fox]

Opening the episode with the same line as the previous episode closed on, Mandy tells Joe, “Mom is going to be mad.”  They discuss what to do with the reverend’s body, but before they can hide it (Mandy’s idea) Judy comes in asking why the reverend’s car is in the drive way.  When Judy sees the body, Mandy tells her mom it’s not what it looks like.  But Joe interrupts and says, “actually it’s exactly what it looks like.”the following ryan at fbi

Ryan is shooting at a ghost of Joe in his apartment who tells Ryan that he cannot be killed.  Ryan is startled awake after the nightmare.  He is in at the FBI headquarters waiting to meet with Mendez and Mike.  They watch footage from the benefit the night before, where Ryan saved Lily.  Ryan looks over at another screen of subway footage of Lily.  Menendez tells Ryan not to over identify with the victim.

Mike shows Ryan footage of him going into Carlos’ apartment and getting hit by a car.  Mendez points out that this is proof of his guilt; vigilantism, obstruction, but says that she is not charging him if he will just stay out of it.  When Ryan leaves, Mike and Mendez discuss having a tracker on his phone and monitoring his online activity as well.

At the hotel room with Gillian, the twins, and Carlos.  Gillian is treating Luke’s gunshot wound, he is proud of his Ryan Hardy Gunshot Wound.  They see the pictures of Luke and Mark all over the news, but the two are not worried about being identified.  The phone rings, it is Emma again.  They discuss that she was one of Joe’s first followers and he trusted her with his son.  Mark tells Carlos to call her back and set up a meeting.

We see Emma with her friend, discussing the possibility of Joe being alive.  Carlos calls, and makes arrangements to meet Emma in person.

Ryan visits Lily at her apartment, they flirt and she suggests that he come back to check on her again.

Judy and Mandy discuss the reverend.  When Joe walks out to the porch, Judy says that he should not have killed the reverend.  Joe reminds her that she is harboring a serial killer for a year, he is offended that Judy was trying to fix him all this time.  Joe tells Judy his plan to leave town and threatens Judy to keep her mouth shut.  An emotional Mandy does not want him to go, all the while, Judy is only worried about herself.

Ryan gets back to his apartment and enters with his gun drawn, it seems this happens a lot.  Ryan finds that Mike has broken in and is in Ryan’s War Room.

Mike is enraged by the amount of evidence there, specifically a file full of a theory that Joe is still alive that he found in the War Room.  Mike says that he knows that Max is involved, and Ryan immediately says that she no longer is and to leave her alone.

Mike presses Ryan to know what evidence he has to support
the conspiracy theory that Joe is still alive.  Ryan said that he went to England, found that Joe’s father was a very promiscuous man and that Joe had a brother.  A brother who went missing at the same time as Joe was “killed” in the file.  Ryan’s theory is that the DNA on file for Joe could have been swapped with that of his brother for a full match and that as a family member the blood would have been enough of a match with Joey’s.

Mike gets a phone call, and rushes out.  Only telling Ryan, that they found something on Emma hill.  Mike agrees not to tell Mendez about the war room; and also says that he will tell Ryan if anything comes of the Emma lead.

Emma goes to an abandoned building to meet Carlos.  She is startled by Mark.

In reviewing the footage around Carlos’ apartment, they spot Emma hill leaving, and track her back to New Jersey, to the safe house where Emma and the other followers have been staying.

Mandy begs Joe not to go, she tells him that he is the closest thing she has ever had to a father.  Judy interrupts their moment to talk to Joe.  Judy asks where Joe will go, then about what to say to the police if they come sniffing still more worried about herself then any feelings or attachment to Joe.  Judy pulls a gun on Joe and pulls the trigger several times.  Joe chuckles a bit, because he already knew that the gun is empty and Joe is so angry he chokes her almost to the point of death before Mandy comes out and he stops at her request.

Emma asks Mark if Joe is alive.  According to Carlos, yes and that Roderick had plans to swap Joe’s DNA.  Mark admits to planning all these murders to lure Joe out of hiding.  Emma tells Mark that there are 7 followers living together.  Mark offers to take Emma with him, because they are going to find Joe.  Mark baits Emma by referring to the Havenport Tragedy book that portrays Emma as a risk taker.

At Emma’s house in Jersey, the other followers are going about their business when the FBI tactical teams show up to take down the residence.  Ryan Hardy shows up at the house, and Mendez insists that he leave.  She tells Ryan that the entire investigation including Lily are off limits and she will arrest him.

Ryan goes to see Lily, by the time he gets there the police detail says that she has orders to send Ryan away if she comes to visit.  Lily finds that absurd and lets Ryan up to her apartment anyway.  He tells her that he has to say goodbye.  That he cannot be close to this.  She asks about Claire and his feeling of being cursed to watch the people around him die.  He opens up to her in a way that he rarely does with other people, telling her that he lost his mind in the bottle and did a lot of things to distract himself from the guilt.  Lily asks if Ryan believes in fate.  She says that our decisions and mistakes define us.  Why was she in the subway, she never takes it, but she was in a hurry.  She invites Ryan to have dinner with her and he accepts the invitation.

The news of the raid on the followers’ home in New Jersey is on at the hotel room, where Luke, Carlos and Gillian are watching.  Emma and Mark show up at the hotel.  Emma has been with Mark this whole time, so Luke turns the television to show her that 5 cult members were shot to death and a 6th was taken into custody at her home.

Joe ties Judy up, while she pleas for him to just leave her.  When Joe turns away, Judy gives Mandy a knife and tells her to stab Joe.  Mandy stands and looks at Joe, then turns around and stabs Judy instead.  Joe looks on like a proud father, while Mandy kills her mother.

Luke asks Emma why they should keep her around.  Emma makes her argument that she was Joe’s right hand and Carlos was just the errand boy.  Luke slices Carlos’ throat, and Gillian gets pissed and says he was supposed to be hers to kill.

Ryan lingers at the gallery, while Lily is showing someone art.  Mike shows up there and Ryan asks to see the footage from the subway that he had spotted when he was at headquarters.  He remembered seeing Lily standing on the platform, sure enough the footage shows her watching the express train pass by while she waits.  (I have been suspicious of her since the first episode)  If she was in such a hurry to get home that day why would she wait while the express train goes by.  Ryan walks away, quietly watching Lily.

the following lilyWhen Lily and Ryan lock eyes, she knows.  Before Ryan can react she disappears.  Ryan tells Mike that Lily is in on it.  Lily stabs one of the police officers who were there to protect her and escaped through the basement.  Mike and Ryan are right there to follow.

A disguised Lily Gray hits the streets and creates a diversion by tazing a man, yelling call 911 he is having a heart attack.  Ryan spots her and follows as she picks up another disguise, a scarf.  Lily makes a phone call to have someone meet her.

As Ryan stands on a car to try to find her on the street, his phone rings.  Its Lily, she wants to know how he knew.  He tells her because she didn’t get on the express train.  Ryan sees Lily turn a corner, but by the time he gets around the corner and Mike shows up, she is gone.

Lily gets in the car with Luke, who calls her mother.

Joe pours gasoline all over Judy’s house, while he and Mandy plan their escape.  Mandy tells Joe that she believes in him.

The French girl gets a phone call and says it’s time to go, but that she does not want Emma to come.  Mark says that she is coming and the three rush out of the hotel room.

Mendez shoes up at the art gallery.  Questioning Ryan and Mike about what happened.  They are all shocked that she so quickly got out of there like a trained assassin, extensive background checks showed that she is who she said she was.

Wrapping up the episode:

Mandy suggests they say a prayer for her mom and the reverend, before they light a match to set the house on fire.  A slow grim version of STAND BY ME plays…

Ryan is digging through his war room, throwing things around, beating himself up for missing Lily Gray’s connection and letting himself get close to her and trust her.

Judy’s house is fully engulfed in flames, while Joe and Mandy turn and walk away.  Joe opens the door for Mandy to get into the car and he drives them both away.

Ryan looks at a picture of Claire, as he sits on the floor.

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