Two new titles are coming to us via the proclaimed “Criterion of Horror” subsidiary of Shout! Factory, the Scream Factory. First up is THE FINAL TERROR. This long lost cult classic has now been found and will be released on a Blu-ray / DVD combo pack for the first time ever on both mediums. Get excited. Scream Factory hopes for a July release. Lastly, the ever-spooky HOUSE IN THE ALLEY, a production out of Vietnam, marks its first release in the US, Region 1. The film will sadly not be receiving the Blu-ray treatment this time around, but that doesn’t mean we’ll love it less. It will feature both English and Vietnamese language track and carries a May 27th release date. Below you will see final artwork for THE FINAL TERROR and a trailer for HOUSE IN THE ALLEY. Dig on all…


From The Scream Factory Facebook:


Our 2014 “Summer of Fear” release schedule is about to get even better with the following title reveal–one which we’re sure will please so many of you that have requested it. The long-lost 1983 slasher film THE FINAL TERROR is coming to Blu-ray & DVD for the first time ever!

As some of you already know, this killer-in-the-woods entry stars an eclectic group of stars including Rachel Ward (The Thorn Birds, Night School), Daryl Hannah (Splash, Blade Runner), Adrian Zmed (Grease 2, Bachelor Party, TJ Hooker) and Joe Pantoliano (The Sopranos).

We’re aiming for a July release. No details on extras to report at this time but the key art you see here – adapted from the original theatrical key art – is final (no pun intended).





We also have another title to announce, but this time it’s a contemporary one. On May 27th, find out what happens in the HOUSE IN THE ALLEY!

Synopsis: A young married couple in their new home begin to experience sinister forces and strange phenomena after an unfortunate miscarriage. As the events become more terrifying, they must race to uncover the secrets of the House in the Alley before they lose their sanity…and their lives.

This Vietnamese production broke box-office records in its country when it was released there and we’re pleased to be bringing it to the states. No extras to report yet but we can confirm that we will have an English and Vietnamese audio tracks and that this will be a DVD only release. (Sorry Blu fans, the costs didn’t work out in this case.)




Now dig on the trailer…

SOURCE: Scream Factory Official Facebook

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