Michael Pitt Joins The Cast Of NBC’s HANNIBAL

Just Announced, Michael Pitt is coming to network television in the show, HANNIBAL.  Pitt has signed on to play the role of Mason Verger.  The television adaption of the novels by Thomas Harris consumed audiences with the Season One story of Will Graham (Hugh Dancy), a young FBI agent and his psychiatrist, Doctor Hannibal Lector (Mads Mikkelson).  The doctor patient relationship continues to develop in Season Two, set to begin February 28, 2014, on NBC.hannibal michael pitt

In the Harris novels, Mason Verger is a wealthy pedophile patient of Doctor Hannibal Lector.  Verger is disfigured after a session with Lector, and seeks revenge.  In the film HANNIBAL, fans saw the role of deformed Mason Verger played by Gary Oldman.  The television show takes place earlier in the novels than the film, it seems that we can expect to see Mason Verger before the encounter with Lector that leaves him disfigured. . . we can hope at least, to enjoy Michael Pitt’s pretty, undamaged face.

Known for his recent movie roles in SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS and FUNNY GAMES, Pitt also appeared as Jimmy Darmody on the HBO original series BOARDWALK EMPIRE.

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