Mad Max Fury Road- Update, Vehicles and Maniacs.

George Miller worked as a doctor before moving onto cinema. Saving lives in the emergency room he saw first hand the impact of Australian car culture. Like directors before him Richard C Sarafian with Vanishing point and Dennis Hoppers’ Easy rider he saw that cars were mythical things, in American movies the car symbolized freedom, down under it took on the flipside of freedom, becoming more a machine of war or Autocide.


So was born the myth of the Road warrior, As described in the Motion Picture Year book of 1980,- Australia a few years from now: Urban society is in decay. The inter-city highways have become white line nightmares. The arena for a strange apocalyptic death game between nomad bikers and a handful of young cops in souped-up pursuit vehicles.

Miller described it as a western, ” but instead of riding horses they are riding motorcycles and cars”.

I have to admit, I’ve never seen a horse in a movie as mean as these cars. But horses never ran on oil or guzzalene. Also I’ve never seen a horse decorated with human remains, not outside of a Cormac Mcarthy novel anyway.


close up of Imperator Furiosa's war wagon, sometimes you have to say it with skulls.

Close up of Imperator Furiosa’s war wagon, sometimes you have to say it with skulls.

Aye! I know the dart, it's a wee ripper!

Aye! I know the dart, it’s a wee ripper!

In the latest version of Mad Max ( the fourth movie, an interquel between the original and the Road Warrior ) Miller has created a whole new series of vehicles, all high performance and kitted out to take a beating. Charlize Theron’s character Imperator Furiosa drives a war wagon, a eighteen wheeler armored and pretty bad ass looking while Max returns with the Interceptor. as for the remaining grab back of nightmare metal it’s hard to tell which side of the war they’re on. but considering the size of some of these vehicles it looks like there’s still enough petrol to go around.


I've got a good feeling about this one.

I’ve got a good feeling about this one.

sure there's a lot of bones and weapons, but it's a Kingswood, it has to be good.

Sure there’s a lot of bones and weapons, but it’s a Kingswood, It Has to be good.

The plot of Fury road, Max helps out a convoy of refugees, lead by Furiosa, across the wasteland through a gauntlet of marauders and maniacs who are lead by Immortan Joe and the War boys..

Yep, that's the Toecutter.

Immortan Joe, Yep, that’s the Toecutter.


Be like the War Boys, always put on sunscreen.

Be like the War Boys, always put on sunscreen.






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