KING KONG vs. GODZILLA and KING KONG ESCAPES Coming To Blu-ray April 1st

No this is not some messed up April Fools joke, this is the real deal folks. King Kong vs, Godzilla and King Kong Escapes may not have been critically acclaimed but both have made a special place in our monster loving hearts and now both films will be getting the hi-def treatment. Read on monster lovers.king-kong-ssHere’s the rundown of what the two films are about in case ya don’t know.

When an underhanded pharmaceutical company goes to a remote tropical island to steal King Kong for advertising purposes, they get more than they bargained for when the gigantic ape attacks an unsuspecting village and an enormous octopus. Meanwhile, far below the sea, a submarine crew unleashes reptilian terror when they melt a block of ice and release the ferocious Godzilla from his icy lair. When both destructive monsters descend on Tokyo, it’s a fight that holds the future of mankind in the balance in this knock-out film that was the first theatrical release to bring its larger-than-life contenders to the big screen in glorious color.

In King Kong Escapes, Kong goes up against everybody! The movie, co-produced by Rankin/Bass, aka the folks behind countless classic stop-motion Christmas specials like “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,” was designed to be a big screen version of a popular “King Kong” Saturday morning cartoon of the era.

King Kong, having fallen in love with the beautiful Lt. Susan Watson (Linda Miller), is kidnapped from his Mondo Island home by the evil Dr. Hu (Eisei Amamoto) to dig for precious gems in a mine when the robot MechaKong is unable to complete the task. Soon, though, the machine and the real Kong engage in a tremendous battle that threatens to level Japan.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment is wasting no time getting these two onto high definition before Godzilla comes stomping back on the big screen this summer.

Both films will be released on Blu-ray April 1st in 1080p with a DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Mono track. Alas, both will come barebones with no special features.

That probably explains why they’re both currently available on Amazon for the bargain price of $13.99 each.King Kong vs. GodzillaKing Kong Escapes

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