TV Recap: THE FOLLOWING “For Joe” (202) [FOX]

Director:  Joshua Butler Teleplay by:

Kevin Williamson (creator) and Vincent Angell (written by)


Joe Carroll, as Darryl, is helping the girl from the end of the last episode, Mandy (Tiffany Boone) with her the following darrylEnglish homework.  After Mandy leaves for school, the lady that was paid for sex, Judy (Carrie Preston), warns him not to let her get too smart or people will come snooping.  She asks him about being up all night watching the news and if he is feeling like he needs to be involved in the events that are happening, he assures her that he is happy with her.  They blissfully kiss, but as he embraces her you see a look in his eyes that may suggest otherwise.

Alone in his apartment, Ryan Hardy Google searches Lily Gray, who is the lone survivor of the subway murders.

At the FBI headquarters Agents Phillips (James McDaniel) and Mendez (Valerie Cruz), discuss with Mike Weston the theatrical scene in the subway and the girl reading Joe Carroll’s book on a park bench.  They seem to be at a loss for how and where to find the followers responsible for these acts.

Carlos is in the hotel room, watching himself all over the news.  The French girl and the twins, Luke (Sam Underwood) and Mark, discuss killing Carlos, but in French so that he cannot understand them.  After the twins leave the room, she looks at Carlos and says, “I can’t wait to kill you.” and he is none the wiser.

Ryan Hardy walks into the art gallery where Lily Gray works, and is spotted by her protective detail across the street in their marked NYPD car.  Ryan Hardy questions Lily Gray about knowing Joe Carroll, they discuss her past to figure out if she might know him without being aware of it or maybe their paths crossed.  She admits to having Googled Ryan as well.  They seem to have quite a rapport.

Luke and Mark show up at a brownstone under the guise of delivering a large bouquet of flowers to a woman named Alice (Natalie Roy).  They attack and kill her and her husband, Carl (Pete Postiglione), and one of them goes upstairs to find a young boy playing in his room.

Judy is have a post coital chat with another man, who also pays her for her services.  She calls him reverend, as he puts his collar back on.  When he walks outside, he sits on the porch with Darryl for a quick chat, he refers to Judy as Darryl’s sister, implies that he thinks that Darryl is a war veteran, and they pray together.

Emma is distracted while her friend, Hannah (Susan Heyward), tries on wigs.  They are discussing Carlos, we find out that he left their group a while back and they have not heard from him since.  They want to find out if he has made any other friends, to know who he is working with.  She looks something up online.

Luke and Mark are at the home of Alice and Carl Fischer, cooking an elaborate dinner and setting an immaculate table, where the two sit at the table with the dead couple.  While Luke and Mark are eating dinner, they refer to the corpses as mom and dad; telling them about the girl they met, Heather, and plan to bring home for a visit.

Ryan Hardy comes home and senses that there is someone in his apartment, weapon drawn he peaks around the corner and finds Max (Jessica Stroup) in the kitchen, she jokingly tells him not to shoot, relieved he lowers his weapon.  She asks Ryan about going to Carlos’ apartment, she tells him she needs to take the mask to the FBI.  She tries to tell him that she does not want to be involved in this obsession of his anymore, as this has gone beyond research, and this is too much for him to handle.  She says that he should take what he has to the FBI.

Judy leaves Mandy and Darryl at home, possibly for the night, to see another client.  Darryl checks the classifieds, saying that is how his friends leave him messages.  Mandy asks several questions about what it is like to kill someone but he refuses to answer because Judy wouldn’t like that.  Mandy says that her mom wrote all those letters to him while he was in prison because she says she can fix him.  Darryl promises not to leave.

Luke and Mark have Alice and Carl tied up by a fireplace now, for an after dinner drink and a cigar.

Ryan asks Max about the guy she was dating, in an attempt to have a normal conversation, when Ryan gets a telephone call from Luke.  Ryan tells Max to trace the call.  Luke asks if Ryan has enjoyed the show so far.  His response is that they performed a great opening number in the subway and that there was certain poetry to the girl in the park.  The call is traced, and Ryan takes off refusing to call the FBI.  He gets to the dark house, and lets himself in, weapon drawn; he calls Max, the signal is on top of him.  Ryan goes upstairs and then to the roof he finds a clear view into several windows.  Another phone rings and Luke says he is glad Ryan made it, just then, Ryan sees Luke go into another door.

Ryan tells Max to send units to the other address and proceeds to go in, finding the dead couple and the boy, Ben, hiding in a closet.  When the cops and FBI show up at the house with Ryan, they threaten to arrest him for obstruction.  Mike Weston and Ryan discuss that this is a scene from the gothic sea.  As he leaves, Ryan gets another call from Luke.  Luke tells Ryan that he is looking at Lily Gray right now, and Ryan takes off.

Joe Carroll as Darryl, is watching a special about himself with Mandy.  She asks if he played a lot of video games as a kid or watched horror movies, to which both answers are no.  The reverend shows up looking for Judy and decides to wait for her. The reverend turns on the TV to see the special report on Joe Carroll, when he sees a mug shot of Joe Carroll; the reverend gets spooked and hurries to make an excuse and leave.  Mandy says, “He knows.”  Darryl quickly follows the reverend outside and attacks him; Mandy follows and the reverend is knocked to the ground.  In the next scene Joe has the reverend tied up inside.  Joe is on a rant about having failed as a writer and family man and trying to decide the reverend’s fate, while Mandy sits and watches.

Ryan gets to the event that Lily Gray is at as fast as he can.  Immediately his phone rings and he is talking to Luke again.  He finally catches a glimpse of Luke just before Luke disappears and hangs up the phone.  Ryan hurries to find a FBI agent on protective detail for Lily; Ryan tells the agent to find and secure Lily Gray immediately.  But Lily is already leaving through the basement with a trusted man.  They are startled by a man in a Joe Carroll mask, when they try to run the other way, they run right into another man in a mask.  Ryan gets to Lily just as one of the masked men is stabbing the man who Lily is with.  There is a fight between Ryan and one of the masked twins.  Just as Ryan gets the mask off, the other twin shows up there and startles Ryan.  As the twins run away, Ryan shoots one of them.

FBI says that traffic cameras caught the twins leaving, but they had taped over their license plates.  the following ryan and lilyRyan keeps using the excuse that these guys are engaging him, for being at crime scenes before the FBI.  Mike tells him to call and report it instead of being a one man super hero.  Mike says that he is done with Ryan and walks away.

Wrapping up the episode:

Ryan sits down with Lily and apologises.  She says he has no reason to, after saving David and herself.

Joe kills the reverend with a knife while Mandy watches.  Joe seems to be awakening a part of himself that he has been ignoring for a long time. At the hotel room with the French girl and Carlos, the phone rings.

Carlos answers the phone to Emma.  Carlos asks if Emma is with Joe.  Emma says, “Carlos, Joe is dead”.  He hangs up on her.  As she puts the phone down she has a shocked look on her face.

Mandy is crying and in shock as she watches Joe finish his work with killing the reverend, “Mama’s gonna be home soon, she’s gonna be mad.”




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