Video Games: ZOMBIE DRIVER HD To Be Taken Off XBLA Due To Publisher Closing

zombie-driver-hd-story-artMore sadness in the world of gaming today as EXOR Studios is set to sell off their Cyberfront Corporation and all of its entities, including ZOMBIE DRIVER HD. Get it while supplies last! If you already own this game, and or the DLCs, your playability will be unaffected by this news; make sure though that you re-download it if for some reason you erased it for space. A damn cool thing that the publisher is doing is putting together a massive giveaway on their Facebook page, to hook up as many players as they possibly can before the game is ripped from the markets.


From The Release:

EXOR Studios is sad to announce that due to the liquidation process of the Cyberfront Corporation, ZOMBIE DRIVER HD will be temporarily taken down from sale on the Xbox LIVE® Arcade Marketplace worldwide and the PlayStation® Network in Japan at the end of January. The game will continue to be available for download to anyone who has purchased the game before that date and existing players will not be affected by this process in any way.boxartlg

EXOR Studios is organizing a big XBLA code give-away on it’s Facebook page in order to put the game in the hands of as many players as possible before the game becomes unavailable. Visit the official EXOR Studios’ Facebook page for more details and the give-away.

ZOMBIE DRIVER HD will continue to be available without interruption on all platforms where EXOR Studios was independently self-publishing the game including: Steam, the PlayStation® Network (in all countries except Japan), Windows Store, OUYA and others. EXOR Studios is already in the process of re-releasing the game on the PlayStation® Network in Japan and finding a new publishing partner for the Xbox 360 version.

ZOMBIE DRIVER has been a big success for EXOR Studios and as of this moment it has sold over half a million copies since December 2009, counting all releases and platforms including PC, XBLA, PSN, Google Play, OUYA and boxed versions in 58 countries around the world. For a broader explanation of the situation and further updates please visit THE WEBSITE.




About EXOR Studios™
EXOR Studios is an independent game development company founded in August 2007 and based in Szczecin, Poland. It is known for its work on the popular zombie smashing hit – Zombie Driver and the award winning and critically acclaimed Source Engine Mod – D.I.P.R.I.P.


SOURCE: Press Release

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