New Character Posters Arrive For MUCK

We love practical effects. They have a down home feel that many films don’t come close to understanding today. When news got to us that a slew of new images had arrived for the practical effects laden horror film Muck, we had to bring them to you. Check them out below.

Also, WithAnO Productions has released a new RED BAND clip from Muck, which is a segment of the 12-minute preview that Steve Wolsh surprised fans with at Muck’s exclusive Q&A panel with Muck cast held by Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2013. The new clip is only available for viewing by those who “Like” the Muck Facebook fan page. During the past few months, over 18,000 fans have already “Liked” the Muck Facebook fan page.

“WithAnO Productions maintains tight lips about most plot details and sources of carnage portrayed in Muck. However, with all the fan internet chatter about the images of Kane Hodder shown shirtless as Grawesome Crutal in the Muck trailers, WithAnO Productions has confirmed that Kane is indeed featured in his first shirtless role, showcasing both his muscular physique as well the severe scarring that stems from third degree burns, which are a result of a stunt mishap early in Kane’s career. Kane’s willingness to play Grawesome in this manner was due in part to Steve Wolsh sharing with him that he too has giant scars on his on his chest and back. Six hours of intense Special FX make up was needed to create Kane’s fierce look for Muck, as prosthetic scars and tribal branding were incorporated with Kane’s real scarring to create a phenomenal and truly terrifying look that horror fans will love.”

Casting for the prequel, Muck Offed, has already begun, and is set to start filming in late August of 2014.

To learn more, “like” Muck‘s Facebook page.

muck-poster-1 muck-new-1 muck-new-2 muck-new-6 muck-new-5 muck-new-4 muck-new-3 muck-new-7 muck-new-8 muck-new-9 muck-new-10

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