TV Recap: THE FOLLOWING “Resurrection” (201) [FOX]

Director:  Marcos Siega

Teleplay by:  Kevin Williamson (also the creator)



Picking up right where we left off last season, Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) and Claire Matthews (James Purefoy) being stabbed by Molly.  Ryan pulls Molly away from Claire and bangs her head against the ground and snaps her neck then embraces Claire.

Flash of an ambulance, then the ceiling of a hospital, then Ryan sees Claire in a trauma room where doctors and nurses are working hard to save them both. . . and then he loses consciousness.

When he wakes up he is in a hospital room, and Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore) enters the room, Ryan immediately asks about Claire and Mike just shakes his head with a tears in his eyes.

One year later, Ryan wakes to an alarm and goes for a run through the city.  When he gets back to his house, a reporter talks about how it is the one year anniversary of the events from the first season and Joe Carroll’s death, and there is a book written by Carrie Cook, “the Havenport Tragedy”; while he watches, Ryan takes a handful of prescription medications.

Ryan Hardy is at a support group meeting, where after talking to his sponsor we find out that he is 5 months sober.  He is discussing a dinner that is planned with his niece and her new boyfriend.  Hardy is then teaching a class about crime scene analysis to a lecture hall of students.  The dinner is attended by Ryan, his niece Max (Jessica Stroup) a detective for NYPD, her boyfriend Chris the pastry chef from California, Ryan’s sponsor, and another woman from his meeting.

A man enters a subway car, wearing a mask that is strikingly accurate to the face of Joe Carroll.  The 201following_scn22_199man turns toward the security camera, we see the POV of the security camera and for a moment the man just stares, to be sure that there will be no question regarding who is responsible for the massacre that is about to occur.  Two other men appear with the first, and they begin to shout, “Resurrection”, “Joe Carroll lives”, “Ryan Hardy cannot stop us”, “The resurrection is coming”.  While they repeat these things like a chant, they stab all of the people in the subway car.  When the subway car stops, the masked individuals disappear; and there is chaos as the people waiting on the platform realise what has happened inside the car.

We see Ryan Hardy, in an apartment alone, his television tuned into the news. Five are confirmed dead and one victim is in the hospital being treated for multiple stab wounds, in an attack that is related to the upcoming anniversary of Joe Carroll’s death.

Mike Weston is watching the news in his home, when he sees two FBI agents walking up to his door.  The agents are there to ask him to consult.  He states that he is not currently on active duty, until a hearing regarding an unknown incident; the agents tell him that he is being put back on active duty immediately.

Hardy walks up the steps to the building of a lecture hall, as he is stopped by the press, his only statement is that he does not have anything to do with the investigation of the subway murders.  However, when he gets to the hall, and begins to address his students of the same, he is interrupted by two men that hold up badges implying that they are there to ask him to consult as well.

In the next scene, we are introduced to a new follower, a man who is talking to the corpse of a woman, that he calls Heather.  Later in the episode, he is dancing with her lifeless body, applying make-up to her face, getting her dressed, and we see that he is with another man in the apartment, his identical twin.

In a hospital, Weston and Hardy see each other for the first time, there is a flashback to 8 months ago, Weston coming to Hardy who is in a bar dancing with two women.  They talk in the flashback about Hardy testifying and discussing the events that took place the night that Joe Carroll was murdered.  In present day, Hardy questions Weston about Joey’s safety, as we know from the first season Weston has security clearance for protective custody.

Lily Gray (Connie Nielsen), the only survivor of the subway slaughter, is being interviewed and recalls the attack in remarkable detail and tells the FBI everything the attackers said as they stabbed her and the five other people.

Now we are introduced to current day, Emma Hill (Valorie Curry), she is in a house with a few other women watching the news reports of the subway murders.  Her friend tells her that she thinks that Carlos is responsible.

Back at FBI, we find out that there are at least 8 known followers that have not been caught.  Using image scanning technology they find that one of them is a match for one of the attackers on the subway, Carlos Perez.  An extremely quiet Ryan Hardy, seems distant and vacant, says that he has not kept up with the case and is strictly a civilian now.  He excuses himself and returns to a heavily secure apartment, where we see proof that he absolutely has been keeping up with the case.  The room looks like a war room, he retrieves a box and takes out a file for the man who was just identified as one of the subway attackers.  Max joins Ryan Hardy in his workroom, she calls herself part of the “Ryan Hardy Secret Task Force”, as she accesses computer systems of the NYPD to find an address for Carlos Perez using a combination of his old aliases.  She suggests that he go to the FBI with what he knows. Ryan’s response, “They’ll figure it out”.

Hardy breaks into Carlos’ apartment, and questions him concerning where Joe Carroll is now.  After some resistance and struggle, when it is apparent to Carlos that Hardy is not there on official FBI 201_Ressurection-2_8-28_0383business, Carlos says that he has not see Joe Carroll since the lighthouse.  He states that he picked Joe Carroll up on the beach after the explosion, and then Carroll ran away into the woods to avoid being caught at a road block that night.  Hardy lets his guard down just a bit as he is hit with this confirmation that Joe Carroll had lived through the explosion.  Carlos runs and Hardy follows. As they run through the streets, Carlos gets away when Hardy is hit by a car.  Hardy gets up and retrieves his gun, refusing the help of the passersby.

In a hotel room, we see a French woman putting labels on burner phones, watching the news. She is joined by Carlos who tells her what just happened at his apartment, and later by the twins that had previously been in the apartment talking to the dead girl, now addressed as Luke and Mark.  Luke seems to have control over the small group. He starts questioning Carlos, upset that he was found, asking what will be found back at his apartment.  Luke hits Carlos.

Hardy goes back to Carlos’ apartment, and finds a playbill Heather Clarke’s picture circled and a map.  He calls Max to ask about Heather Clarke and finds that she was found dead 45 minutes ago.  As Hardy leaves the apartment, Emma appears in the shadows seeing him leave and goes upstairs.

201following_scn65_370Hardy shows up at the crime scene, and is greeted by Weston.  The body of Heather Clarke had been found sitting on a park bench reading Joe Carroll’s book.

Ryan Hardy goes to visit Ms. Gray in the hospital.  He says that he is concerned, because she had asked earlier why this was happening.  She says that she found her answer, that he had killed Joe Carroll and his followers were mad.  He apologises to her, saying that he is there, because there are all those dead people and she is the only one he can say he is sorry to.

Wrapping up the episode:

Emma, is talking to her friend about why Ryan Hardy was at Carlos’ apartment…

Luke has forced Carlos to stand in the corner of the hotel room, as if a child in time out…

With evidence that he collected from Carlos’ apartment, Hardy returns to his war room and looks at a picture of Claire…

At a house in the woods, a man with a thick beard pays a woman named Judy for sex.  As he starts to walk out, a young girl in the house watching news of the subway murders and the killing of Heather Clarke, calls him into the room to watch.  The man with the beard is Joe Carroll (James Purefoy), being referred to as Daryl, but very much alive.

The episode ends with Ryan Hardy trying on the Joe Carroll mask that he had found in Carlos’ apartment.



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