Drive-In Review: EVE OF DESTRUCTION (1991)

If you were a kid in the early 90’s you know all about cheesy, over the top, sci-fi action films. They were everywhere. One that might have fallen into the shadows at the local mom & pop video store was Eve Of Destruction. We take a look at this, sometimes kooky, sci-fi flick and decide whether a blu-ray transfer was really necessary.

eve-of-destruction-blu-ray-sEve Of Destruction (1991)

Directed By: Duncan Gibbins

Starring: Gregory Hines, Kurt Fuller,  Renée Soutendijk

MPAA Rating: R

Format: Blu-Ray

Distributed By: Scream Factory

Runtime: 99min

Opening in a lab setting, Eve introduces us to Eve Simmons (Soutendijk), a young scientist responsible for the creation of “Eve 8” (also Soutendijk), an android made in her creator’s image and designed for military application. When a routine test in a public setting goes horribly wrong, Eve 8 is injured – shifting her typically calm personality into survival mode, rendering her an uzi-packing, ticking timebomb in a mini-skirt. (“Here’s your problem, someone switched this thing to evil.”) Help comes in the form of McQuade (Hines), an Army Colonel enlisted to track down Eve 8 and eliminate her before the damaged nuclear warhead embedded in her spine goes off and wipes out a swath of humanity along with her. McQuade and Simmons hit the road in pursuit of this increasingly unstable and utterly lethal killing machine, following the trail of bodies she leaves in her wake.

This flick is basically The Terminator and Species mixed in an amalgam of bad acting, hilariously out of pace dialog, and pedestrian directing. All of these elements should make Eve Of Destruction unwatchable…but it works. It still has an undeniable B-movie charm, supported by earnest performances from Hines and Soutendijk. In addition, the film adds a cool spin on its tropes by having the film’s villain act on impulses brought on by her creator’s memories, which were embedded in Eve 8 upon her making. It’s a good way to kill 99 minutes on a late Sunday night ( that’s when we watched it).

Drive-In Totals:

15 Dead Bodies

2 Breasts (Android)

Gun Fu

Sniper Fu

Uzi Fu

Bomb Fu


Scream Factory did right by this flick as best as they could for its transfer to blu-ray. There are many times where the scenes get grainy and even a bit strobe like. There is also the provided 2.0 DTS-HD Master Audio track, which is nicely detailed and appropriately punchy when necessary.

Special Features:

  • Original Theatrical Trailer (Which will give you a headache)

Eve Of Destruction is far from being a great film but it sure can fill out your night of watching B-movie cheese and has a quality to it that made us chuckle.

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