Toys: Custom LEGO Horror Icons Invading A Home Near You

Oh the Horror! Slasher LEGO minifigsDisturbing reports have been filtering in that houses across the world are being invaded by eerily accurate renditions of our favourite horror film baddies, made from LEGO parts.

Norman Bates, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and more have been recreated as custom LEGO minifigures. They have been spotted on mantelpieces, menacingly waiting for the right moment to strike after consumers unwittingly bought them from a small company called – apparently unaware of their scariness.

When Director Caroline Savage was called upon to comment, she said only: “We heard that people were getting complacent about leaving their toys out, so we decided to do something about it. We’re making a range of custom LEGO figures to rectify that problem via lovingly created, but still utterly terrifying villains.”

Nick and Caroline Savage started in 2012 from their home. They have created bespoke minifigures depicting hundreds of public figures and celebrities, ranging from athletes to musicians. However, this is the first time the company has ventured into such debilitatingly scary territory.

“They’ve been extremely popular, actually. I suspect we’ll be adding a few more to the line. Keep alert – you may be getting a visit from Jason soon,” Caroline added.

You can pick up your horror minifig – or create a set of your own custom minifigures based on your requirements – over at the website.



“Oh the Horror” Custom Minifigure Line:  from £10.99 from the website. Shipping available worldwide.


ABOUT MINIFIGS.ME is based in Sheffield, England.  It creates highly detailed bespoke custom minifigures using LEGO pieces, shipping them to customers across the globe.  They have a selection of pre-designed minifigures for sale, but also create new figures for customers based on photographs and descriptions.

The company was formed in the summer of 2012 after husband and wife team Nick & Caroline Savage created figures to support British athletes during the Olympic and Paralympic games.

When the figures proved to be popular, Nick and Caroline left their jobs in marketing and scientific research to start  The couple have a baby daughter, Indiana, and intend for to always be a small family company.  Indiana is not allowed to play with the Horror minifigures until she is 18. is not a part of, or endorsed by, The LEGO Group. They are very big fans, though.







The Above Was From The Press Release…

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