Inbred Cult Found In Australian Bush


In a valley south west of Sydney police have uncovered a family that has been inbreeding for four generations. At first officers were called in to deal with truancy when locals reported children living in the the bush who weren’t attending school, but what they found shocked and disturbed.

The farm where the Colt Family ( not there real name ) lived was off the grid, no power, water or sewerage. The living conditions were filthy. Most of the children suffered from learning difficulties, trauma, skin defects, some unable to speak, some with severe afflictions from years of inbreeding.

The family was spawned four generations ago when a brother and sister had children and those children were encouraged to breed, this continued on, each generation starting as soon as they were able.

Locals had seen the family from time to time, a car would arrive in town, packed to the gills with kids while the woman bought something from the shops and disappeared back into the bush. It had become a joke in the area that if you came from that valley you were inbred.

Police raided the property in July of last year, taking away thirteen children who were tested and put into programs for psychological trauma. One officer reported this was the worst they had ever seen, the place was a nightmare, everything covered in dirt, exposed wires, chainsaws and kangaroos asleep in beds.

Since the raid the children have been placed in foster care. Most didn’t know anything about hygiene, toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, but are doing well and adapting to their new lives.




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