Video Games: OUIJA PARTY Summons Itself Onto Android Phones Today + Crazy Trailer

priest5Ouija Party is a multiplayer interactive entertainment app which benefits from speech recognition technology and a secret blend of systems for language generation which respond to the questions asked – it even allows the ‘spirits’ to respond with the twisted voice so players can wonder together at the often mysteriously fitting replies.



The App Can Be Purchased Here… Click The Blue!

About the app:

Ouija Party can be a deep and philosophical experience as well as a hilarious one, depending on – of course – the mood of the spirits encountered in the space it is played in. It is best played with friends as a multiplayer experience, much like the original ‘spiritualist’ and ouija sessions. A dark, silent room is recommended.

The Ouija Party app’s artificial life began in conversation between a (now sadly deceased) philosopher-programmer and the digital artist who went on to lead the production of the app. A promise was made: if the philosopher were to die, he would attempt to communicate with his friend from the afterlife.

Sadly, this foretold death did indeed come to pass. And, one cold night before Halloween, the philosopher’s melancholy friend opened a book on artificial life he had given her – resolving to build a contraption that would run ghostly infrasound input through neural networks, in an attempt to facilitate conversation between levels of existence.

————————BEGIN RECOVERED E-MAIL————————

Hey Man,

That contract is finally up for that app – thank GOD. Like if working on something like that wasn’t creepy enough…

You go into these things expecting the best and at first I thought it was all fun and games, but there was something off about the whole thing. I know it is stupid but I have to tell someone so it might as well be you.

So it’s an Ouija board, right? It’ll take your questions and feed out answers – voices and everything; pretty cool, I thought. WRONG!

Weird coincidences started piling up. Deaths, suicides, haunted “items” like this violin – the things surrounding the project seemed as messed up as the idea of trying to talk to the other side in the first place.

And of course I stayed on the project anyway (because we both know I need the work). We started work on this party and film and that… that you had to be there for. Religious people
mixed in with a group of other freaks showed up to check this thing out, all listening to the thing’ tinny computer voice give answers to all their questions. I gave it a try (why not?) and asked if I should stay on the project or not. Well, the app wasn’t quite finished yet so it bugged out. Normal.

Until later. We’re cleaning up the last few bottles, the leftovers from the event. I’m the last one in this dark, cavernous room doing check-ups and that is when I heard it, the voice of the app:

“Leave before it is too late.”

I looked around and NO ONE else was there. Everyone was ready to head-off to an after party, but you know what? I left.

Maybe… maybe you should check it out too. Make sure I’m not crazy. I dunno, probably just freaked out.



————————-END RECOVERED E-MAIL————————-




The Above Was Sourced From The Press Release:


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