Gentle Giant Expands Its WALKING DEAD Line With New Merle Dixon Walker Statue Plus More

Gentle Giant is known to make some amazing statues depicting your favorite comic book, TV, and movie characters. Now they have unveiled two new additions to their “The Walking Dead” line of collectibles. The Dixon brothers are well represented. Add to all of this a new Walking Dead Army Men Series 2: Woodbury Arena Survivor Set.

gentlegiantdarylThese figures are sure to be on your wish list when the are released. Anybody want to get us one? Please?
The Walking Dead Army Men Series 2: Woodbury Arena Survivor Set – Product Description:The war versus the Walkers continues. Featuring three exciting new sculpts and in two ghoulish colors, the Woodbury Arena Survivor Set also includes an exclusive Daryl Dixon figure modeled on series star Norman Reedus.
Pit Daryl and his knife against the onrushing zombie hordes among the blocks and barriers from Woodbury Prison’s infamous battle arena in this exciting new play set from Gentle Giant Ltd. The Walkers will never stand a chance.Regular Price: $21.99
Dimensions: L 1” x W 1.3” x H 2.25”

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Merle Dixon Walker Statue – Product Description:
One of the most complicated characters of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” Daryl’s brother Merle evolved from a stereotypical brutal redneck to a tragic figure seeking redemption, which he finds to a degree after releasing Michonne and singlehandedly taking on the Governor’s ambush party. He meets a violent end by the Governor’s hand and returns to stalk the living as a Walker.

Designed by the master artisans at Gentle Giant Ltd., the Merle Dixon Walker Statue captures the likeness of Michael Rooker’s Merle Dixon in all of his undead glory. Each limited edition, hand-painted statue comes individually numbered and is paired with a matching certificate of authenticity.

Regular Price: $399.00
Scale: 1:4
Dimensions: L 9.75” x W 9” x H 16.25”

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